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BGDF Member Games - The List

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Joined: 08/31/2011

Impossible Dungeon

A dungeon crawler about a group of magic school students exploring a teachers training ground, dubbed the Impossible Dungeon. It contains several floors, 10 player characters, 2 bosses, and about 19 different enemies. Bosses and Enemies which function on an AI and spawn based on the players movement; all floors are player generated. I've played the game several times alone and with friends with good results each time, but I'm looking to make it even better. Currently looking for a place online to post it.

Frankie Shot my Brothers (Working Title)

Current project. A skirmish game based around a group of kids having a water balloon fight in their neighborhood. Inspired in part by Zombies ate my Neighbors for it's fast paced, action oriented game play. Close to having a play testable version soon, and I have a thread up for it here.

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Joined: 12/21/2012
Shoe's games in progress

Evil Mastermind (second re-write, need to create new playtest copy)
In Evil Mastermind, 2-4 players take the role of a super-villain racing each other to unfurl their devious Master Plan upon the universe. Meanwhile, they must complete missions to further their goals and avoid being thwarted by the other villains. But watch out for the city’s heroes, they are constantly out to delay and unravel your plans too!

Knick-Knack Attack (Freebie game, still designing units, likely will not playtest too much)
Knick-Knack Attack is a miniatures game played where common items you can find in your pockets, around the office or in other public places are meant to be the primary units, waging war across the epic wastes of the average coffee table.

Ultimate Showdown (prototype created, but i forgot to define a KO! :P)
You are the fight manager for a federation that pits everything from boxers to aliens to giant robots against similarly matched foes for entertainment and profit. Spend money to buy new fighters and use resources to watch your fighters compete, and take home a the winnings to buy more fighters!

Of Gods and Men (Rules 75% complete)
In Of Gods and Men, you are a deity with a portfolio to advance, followers to convert and a world to command. You are in competition with your fellow deities for followers and influence in the world. Whoever has the most followers becomes King of the Gods and commands respect and fealty from all others, but beware the Trickster God. He will always be trying to seize the throne and turn the world away from all others.

Mad Scientist! 2: Monster Mash (mostly done, not working too hard - still promoting Mad Scientist! 1)
Classic movie monsters and new rules for Quadrupeds!

Joined: 09/29/2012
Aftermath You are one of the

You are one of the few Untouched(one of the few discoverd to be immune) that was sent deep underground and into cyrostasis until the fires of the old world died. After the world-shattering pandemics and the crazed pyromantics of the forsaken, the world is a much different place when you awake. It is up to you and your fellow Untouched to retake the land and recreate a hub of civilization. It won't be easy.

The way this game works is that it is an exploration game combined with a resource game.

Still in development of the specifics (ie card names and items)

Space Warriors
Sent to battle like the gladiators of long past you are a Warrior first and formost. You have been sent to fight for your collony's honor in the colosseum. The winner will have eternal glory and give their collony the next year's leadership amongst the United Star System Alliance.

This will be a fast paced grid based game where each player has a ship with certain ups and downs according to the ships stats. Each different ship will have a special ablity to give it an advantage over the others.

Still in idea phase.

Patrick Robles
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In no particular order:

The Beards of our Forefathers

A 3 tiered dexterity game, scaling from a light and fast 1 on 1 duel to a tabletop wargame, that follows 2 feuding Dwarven clans from the start of conflict during a drunken brawl to the culmination millennia later among the stars.

Status: WIP

BGG thread:

Untitled deck/tableau building game

Players assume the role of siblings quarreling over playtime on a revolutionary 80s action role playing game.

BGDF thread:
BGG thread:

Status: under heavy revision after first playtest

The Dreams of Children

A programming (is there a better term for this mechanic? Players build algorithms to control the response of in game units to input from other players but cannot do so directly) game wherein players assume the role of beings that control the behavior of children by manipulating their dreams.

Status: converting from card only to board and cards after playtesting.

Graphite Adventures: Pencils in Peril title to be revised,

A solo game following a primitive hunter from adolescence to old age. Balance development of new hunting technologies with increasing tribe size to ensure survival against the encroaching Ice Age.

BGG thread:

Status: on hold for other projects, in playtesting now. Note the original dungeon crawler this was spawned from was completed.

Fields of Bones

A "Dominion in reverse" deck loss (deck loser?) game based on the Doji Bara famine in the 1790s that resulted in an estimated 11 million deaths.

Status: playtesting.

The Scrolls of Myth and Legend

My Magnus Opus, a card RPG that initially lead me down the rabbit hole of game design. Play with or without a GM, blah blah, same as all the other card RPGs out there but mine is better. I promise!

Status: WIP, 4 notebooks of notes, several hundred prototype cards, 2 phonetic alphabets, 1 sign language, and 2 pictographic languages and still not close to done. But boy am I learning a lot :)

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Alien Overrun

Alien Overrun
90-120 minutes - 1-4 players - age 13+

The year is 2084 and you are a member of an elite repair unit operating on the edge of known space. Whenever major mining equipment breaks down your team gets the call. Your mission: repair the damaged power core and clear the base of any alien presence.

Facebook -

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Duelo Primigenio

The project I am working on is a "Game System" called "Duelo Primigenio The Rainbow Shoushiling Cards Project " .

Consist in a deck of cards which main features are the use of the rainbow colors as another suit , and the reverses of the cards shows the colors of the front of the card. This way the reverses of the deck are not equal . A lot of new mechanics can be applied to this deck.

We have an official Web .

Spanish :


There you can see some games to play with the deck , but we have a lot more doing the playtesting . The main issue we have is we dont have enough time to dedicate to playtesting and the publishing of games in our web goes very slow .
However I enjoy so much in the creation process and the thing that step by step we are growing :D.

If you want to try it there is a version of the deck to PnP in the BGG:

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