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I like to think myself as a creative person; I regularly think of ideas for making music, stories, computer games, and of course, board games...and the effectiveness I've been able to make them ranges downwards in that order (I compose music for other people...and I haven't made a single board game yet).

But recently, my friends convinced me to work with them to try to create one. This ended up with me lobbing ideas at them like frag grenades until we could agree on one, and then we went to modify it.

And this is where I need some help.

If I'm not wrong, what we need at the moment is to finalize our concepts, find an artist (none of us knows how to draw) and a publisher. Now, I think concepts will go into the Design Theory section, and publication is under...Publication (duh).

But where would asking tips for finding an artist go to? Publication as well?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Vesth,

Congratulations on your design!

Most the of the discussion (availability, cost, etc) related to Artists seems to be in the Publication section.

Normally, the publisher will handle all of the art requirements. For playtesting and prototypes, your focus should be on smooth gameplay with clear rules; if for some reason your game requires a bit of art to make it playable, then simple drawings or clipart (or any other free, public domain art) is probably your best option.

There are more good discussions about finding a publisher here than I can recall, but you could start by determining which publishers might be interested in your game; for example, Milton Bradley would probalby not be intersested in a heavy, tactical war simulation.

Good luck with your game!

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