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Thought for a wargame

I've been wishing to have a wargame to play for a while now, and since I am not in a position to, say, buy one, I decided one thing to do might be to try to create my own. I had the following idea; I'm wondering if it seems functional or not.

The board would be made up of offset rectangles, each the size of a playing card, so that each card touches 6 others (one directly in front, one directly behind, and two on each side). This would allow the units to be playing card-sized and have all the necessary information contained on them easily. Combat would be focused on attempting to surround an opponent's unit on at least 3 sides with one's own units (resulting in a forced retreat with losses). In the case of units touching on only two sides or one, or multiple units touching there would be a comparison of strength between all the contiguous units on each side combined, forcing the player with the lesser strength to retreat and take losses or stay in place but take greater losses. So for example, if a line of 3 units (combined strength 8) came directly up against a line of 3 units (combined strength 7) the weaker line would have to take 2 damage (to their choice of units) and hold their ground or take 1 damage and retreat their weakest unit. The numbers are examples only, as I have not yet figured out the relative amount of damage that should be taken by attacker and defender.

Does it seem like this system would work, or like it would be too cumbersome or take up too much space?


Seems neat

Seams neat, but I have one question... How does a unit suffer casualties? I suppose a unit is divided into 2-4 groups depending on the unit type. Example: cavalry would have two groups, heavy infantry four, skirmishers and auxiliaries two, and elephants/siege engines two as well. As you can see, I am thinking in terms of the Ancient period, although this system could be configured to just about any period.

Very neat, maybe I will prototype something and share my comments later on!


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