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My first board game design mistake pt. 1

My first board game design mistake pt. 1

I learned my first mistake when designing my first board game vary quickly. "Paper-prototype" and "not too complex". I had this idea that I would have this overworld, where you earn money, among other things, and travel to this pyramid where you must pay to enter. Under the pyramid was the labyrinth. I gues if I am going to share this folly, I might as well tell you all of it. It wasn't just going to be one overworld map with adventure. There was going to be two overworld maps: this one in the photo (Southern map), and a northern map with a river and another temple. It was actually a cool idea, but I didn't think about the diference between board games and video games when I started out. I had to scrap this part of the game plan because it ocured to me at some point that I didn't want to spend my whole life creating this game to the prototype stage. So this map became obsolete. I think I have pruned it down to a point that I can now move forward. I had this mechanic which I still like and may find use for at another time. I maid this game pieces out of thin plywood and balsa BTW. The board is: felt, bubble wrap, and cardboard. Anyway, the building on the left was going to be one of the major money making locations and the pyramid on the right would be the entrance to the labyrinth which players had to pay to get in. There would be two options in getting to the pyramid: 1. the player could take the long journey down and around the "sea of defience", which had many potential dangers because the player might draw cards that have nasty things happen. 2. Or, for a certain fee, the player could take a board across the water, shortening the journey. The game tiles have suits on them. When player landed on a tile, he would draw a card out of the catigory of suits. Could be treasure, could be starvation. m

Is that a roulette board underneath this board? Pay no attetntion to detail. Gambling is for people who don't "know".


that's what

expansions are for :)

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