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Quest — The Reboot

So I've just wrapped up a newer Version of "Quest Adventure Cards(tm)", I call it the "Reboot". In principle you are STILL trying to "complete" Quests but the method of doing so is different. The difference are as follows:

1> No more "Quest" Definition Cards.

Instead we use a STAR for required cards that must be played into the play area. You can start from one (1) to three (3) Victory Point cards which are required.

Duel Botz — Complete overhaul in order to focus the design

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been reviewing "Duel Botz", a game that came to me within 24 hours time. It came very quick and I should have known that there would be challenges to this design.

The goal of this design was to use Polyhedral dice to track various aspects of your robots. While this sounds noble and interesting... The reality is that it's going to take more time to firm up this design.

Why? Because dice as stats is BORING!!! Even rolling the dice just is not good enough for what I hope to achieve.

Prospector — I decided to have a dedicated BLOG for this "Expansion"

So as some of you know, I decided to DESIGN a Splendorous "Expansion"... What does that imply or mean?

PoA — I "streamlined" the design

I know I already sent Stephen (@let-off studios) a message concerning "Plains of Aria" (PoA) and it is VERY important.

I have a spreadsheet with over 200+ tiles and realized that this was TOO MUCH. I was having a hard time doing the production sheet for the Manufacturer because honestly there were too many possibilities.

But a couple nights ago, I "streamlined" the design and have come out to a TOTAL of 75 unique tile designs!!! This is a BREAKTHRU... Because now things seem much more MANAGEABLE.

I need to work on packaging NEXT... And I will do this during this week.

Monster Keep: Making the cut!

I just wanted to report that the current version of "Monster Keep" (MK) that was trimmed and streamlined ... may yet make the cut! I feel like the game while it is in it's simplest form is ... in need of some more TLC TBH because it's more analytical and has much more depth with regards to the strategy.

Monster Keep: Another day, another prototype

A short while ago, I decided that I was going to BENCH (and therefore stop working on) "Monster Keep" (MK). Why? Because "Crystal Heroes" (CH) is based on Medieval Fantasy and I felt that having MK with the same type of "theme" might be no good (too much repetition). Although CH is very different than MK, that aspect of the theme being similar had me thinking that there was little VALUE in the MK franchise.

G.I. Joe — Hand of Fate: New start with an amazing concept

So I have been working, here-and-there, on a NEW "design" which could potentially have like up to 8-Players in a game or perhaps more where the only real barrier is the TIME taken to PLAY the game. Right now the goal is 60 minutes or 1 hour.

And I have to admit, I'm fairly excited about this game also!

Using offline Deck-Construction, each player builds his deck of 15 Units and 3 Structures for a total of 18 cards per Deck.

Crystal Heroes: Fine-tuning and Development of the game

While I waste more time waiting for the DESIGN to "crystalize" (pun intended!) I find that I am developing the game further such that some aspects of the game are no longer "remote" or "esoteric" areas of the design.

One of those "areas" was the Ex-P Crystals. There had been an issue about these specific Crystals because they can be used with Actions to make some POWERFUL decisions impacting your turn a bit.

Archon — Circlet of the Heavens: Working over the weekend on this design

So two (2) things that have become CLEAR to me with the design of "ARCH" is this:

A> The game must focus on defeating the OPPOSING BOSS unit/card.

B> If neither BOSS unit/card is defeated after three (3) Rounds, the BOSS with the MOST "HP" (Health Points) is the winning BOSS.

The gameplay is going to be simple:

1. Draw six (6) cards from your Ally Deck (leaving 10 cards for the other Rounds).

2. Choose ONE (1) Card from the six (6) to be the BOSS.

3. Each BOSS has exactly 10 or 15 HP (TBD with Playtesting which is better).

Quest Adventure Cards(tm) — 2nd Edition : Heroes and Stats

My classes of Heroes are pretty straight-forward:


table width="100%"> Color Class Stat Abbv Red Fighters & Champions Strength [STR] Orange Rangers & Bards Dexterity [DEX] Yellow Thieves & Assassins Agility [AGI] Green

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