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Game theory on Theocracy (I)

In this article I will explore the solvability of my game Theocracy through the light of the fundamentals of game theory.


The first thing we must know is the concept of payoff on game theory.

Ghost of Ned Kelly

I put Ned Kelly and the Sniper 9x9 = 81 chess squares on the shelf and worked this out.

Ned Kelly was known as the infamous Iron Outlaw circa 1880 in Australia Ned and his gang had a shoot out with the Troopers while wearing home made armour.

The Ghost of Ned Kelly
Mango Chutney © C.J.Griffin 2014

Ages : Must know the rules of Chess
Players : Three
Format : Single game or sets play

The Ghost of Ned Kelly is a 2 tiered chess variant with role playing.

Ned Kelly by Ned Kelly

I have some Ned kelly Chessmen that I cast in lead until I buy pewter. The moulds are 2 pack silicon and I made the patterns with clay.

I have made a prototype 9x9 = 81 board instead of the usual 8x8 = 64 and I have limited artwork on the board.

I have decided on who is trying to do what and who is trying to stop them.

I am just a basic "know the rules" chess player so it is lot of muddling along so far.

Motivation for Play Testing Solo

I doubt I am in the minority when I describe myself as someone who enjoys thinking about designing different game elements much more than play testing them by myself.

I am in the midst of designing a game called Heir Saboteur. I can think up ideas for it all day long. However, when it comes to actually setting up the pieces (which are actually just scraps of paper with scribbles on them) and testing out the rules by myself, I find myself disinterested.

Stealth Strategy Explosion

Stealth Logo TM TGC.png

Hello all!
Yep, I'm back and i bring a whole new stealth with me!
I hope some of you read and enjoyed my last three stealth blogs. This time i am back with a one of the best ones! While i was gone, i have been making stealth on TGC, looking for playtesters on BGG, and now i'm back to BGDF.



Finalists of 5th Street Challenge Announced!

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

Phil at 5th Street Games has narrowed the list of 20 semi-finalists down to just 7 finalists. Here they are:

How to Build a Space Ship
Help!! Wanted
Castle Defenders: POCKET
Rapid Rabbit
ROWDY HEROES! Fight the Evil Army

He’s also provided a spreadsheet with feedback about each of the top 20 games.

Official announcement at

Puerto Diablo, now on Kickstarter

Port Royal, one of the harbours of Puerto Diablo

Hello friends,

Proudly I announce that Puerto Diablo is on Kickstarter. As much as I can say about it here, on the Kickstarter we do it with short movies and images. Better check it out there:

Please let me know any feedback. We can do with a bit of mouth-to-mouth, tips are welcome!

Cheers, Bert.

Ways to get out of the “Wargames Ghetto”

With the opening of the Kickstarter for Sea Kings (, and the prospect of publication of two other crossover games I’ve designed, Seas of Gold and Germania, I’ve been trying to define what these alternatives (or escapes) from wargames are about.

A video recap of the Tabletop section at BostonFIG!

I made a quick little video trying to capture all of the games featured at BostonFIG! I only had a little time to meet some of the designers, but if you recognize your game feel free to leave a comment!

Pocket Boxing - canvas kissing *light* boxing sim


Yes - Pocket Sports is bobbing and weaving into this 9th game design!I'd love some feedback or playtesters to run this puppy through a few rounds...You can simply use a D6 to play beta version...or PnP and stick on dice.

Pocket Boxing Rules

The game is fast, fun and exciting. Suitable for one or two players. A pen & paper is all you need to keep track of damage, knock downs and rounds. 3 minute rounds for 5 rounds

3 dice represent a different style of fighter you may choose. There’s also a die for your defense, a die for injuries and a die for ‘initiative’

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