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Accordion Game Boards now available at The Game Crafter!

The Game Crafter - Accordion Game Board

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce a new game board we're able to produce through our print on demand service. It's called the Accordion Board It's custom printed on both sides with your artwork, measures 8" x 16" and is designed to fit in the Medium Pro Game Box. You can watch the product video here and see all of the details on our product page.

Infinite: The card Game

(the first couple posts are also in the forum: Infinite: The card Game Idea)

What is this all about? Rules?
This was an idea I was stirring around in my head for awhile and finally wanted to finish the design, prototype and hopefully publish. If anyone is interested in giving ideas, that would be awesome.

Youtube videos

Deluxe Be Legend - Ragnarok intro video

Be Legend - How to play

Closer look Be Legend - Ragnarok

Sneak peek at King's Court

Siege of Sunfall Wins Killer Gamer's Remorse Challenge

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

The Killer Remorse Challenge is finally complete, and Siege of Sunfall has been declared the winner. Second place goes to Sneeze and third place goes to Emperors and Gladiators.

Congratulations to all the winners! And thank you to all of our contestants.

Crystal Heroes - Legacy

I just had to put up a blog entry about Zag24's idea of using the LEGACY mechanic in "Crystal Heroes".

Zag24's original idea was so make the writing on the cards permanent and go with inexpensive paper cards. This way you don't need a fancy dry erase marker, you could use a Sharpie or a ink pen.

BUT what is so AMAZING about this idea is that it TRANSFORMS the game into a whole other set of strategic rules. It makes players question: "Do I use this Ability and mark one of my cards knowing the game will end in the next game round?"

Tradewars - Homeworld: Boxed & ready-to-go!

I finally got back the twenty (20) boxes from The Game Crafter (TGC). Also received the card corrections (which I expressed). I have packaged 18 boxes and have left a couple. I am planning to hold a LOCAL playtest at a nearby game store. We'll see if they are interested in playtesting the game.

In the meantime, that means it is ALMOST time to make contact with industry experts (reviewers)... And see what they think of my little game. All that is missing is the game pads which I hope to finish up tomorrow. Once done I should be ready to SHIP out those 18 game sets!!!

Mad Zoo

Mad Zoo has been submitted to the Hasbro game Lab a day before the deadline.They only gave us a month to create a party game and mine is not what I expect the bulk of the submissions to be which is games were you vote on cards that are submitted i.e. apples to apples/cards against humanity.

Lets hope the next post will find me a finalist.

Crystal Heroes - First playtest

Well I took the time to print out and cut 24 (12 x 2) cards and placed them with standard poker cards (as card backs) in plastic sleeves.

Conclusion #1:

Sleeves suck major. Plastic cards will be easier to shuffle and not have extra blank space. This is a worthwhile investment in making PLASTIC cards.

Conclusion #2:

Players need a way to TALLY up score. There are a lot of numbers to calculate and you would need a BLANK card that says "Scoring". Will have to add +1 card to the base set.

Conclusion #3:

The final score was Blue = 33, Red = 20.

The Game Crafter and GrandCon team up on the Breakneck Design Challenge 2015!

The Game Crafter and GrandCon - Breakneck Design Challenge 2015

Don’t forget about the GrandCon Breakneck Design Challenge this weekend!

This challenge is for those who want to prove that they have the skills to design a micro-style game under pressure. Armed with contest guidelines and a box full of prototyping components from us, participants will have a day to design, playtest, and present a new game to the panel of judges! The top three designers will win fabulous prizes, and the best one will earn its creator the title of GrandCon Breakneck Designer 2015!

Contest overview:

Tradewars - Homeworld: The Derelict (Revisited)

I finally got my twenty (20) copies of the "Tradewars - Homeworld" (TWHW) prototype... Obviously since I ordered the copies from The Game Crafter (TGC), the decks were not in order. So I spent about 2 hours putting each and every deck in the proper order... That task did not both me at all - but what was more interesting is that I got the chance to playtest the SOLITARY "The Derelict" scenario (the NEW and improved version).

Trying the game out for the first time only to find out that the game was way too easy.

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