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All Stars GM: Introduction

This is yet one of my designs that dates back to high school. That's a whooping 25 years ago! I used to play board & card games in school with friends. We used to have a social club in which people could play games during lunch break.

Okay let's get to the design!

I call it "All Stars GM". And I know that I have in the past asked other designers if they might be interested in the concept. So far, no interest.

As such, I have decided myself to work on the game - and see what may evolve from it...

How do you successfully run a Kickstarter campaign?

Hello Everybody!

My name is Blake, and I am a representative of Broadsword Entertainment Group LLC. We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for our first game, a card game called Stormweavers ( This is our first Kickstarter campaign, and we are trying to raise enough capital to start manufacturing in bulk.

I wanted to ask some of you Veterans for advice. What are some do's and don'ts of running a successful crowdfunding campaign? Check out our website and let us know where we can improve. Thanks!

Considerations when making a board/card game

I'm a big fan of starting completely from scratch and this has been most apparent when I finally started making a game that is now going to be released.

I know most of us here understand what "scratch" means...but do you?

Usually when making a game, it's either "Wouldn't it be cool if...?" or some inspiration brought on by a cool mechanic you've seen displayed in another game. Most will just run with that, but to me, starting from scratch means I gotta so a little planning.

Here are some considerations when making a board game:

TGC Community Game Night @ Gen Con has sold out!

The Game Crafter - TGC Community Social @ Gen Con

Our TGC Community Game Night at Gen Con has sold out, but there's still an opportunity for you to hang out with TGC staff and meet other members of The Game Crafter community. Learn how to RSVP for The Community Social here!

8" x 8" Square Game Boards now available at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - Square Board - New game board product available from The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce our new Square Boards. These boards measure 8" x 8" and come 2 to a sheet. They are custom printed on both sides of the 60pt chipboard. Click here to see more product info and download the design template.

Marble colour mixer, educational color game.

Recently I picked up a marble chinese cheakers set and thought about what to do about it, chinese cheackers is great but a bit dull, and I feel that colour needs to be used more, so I looked for a colourwheel and said, lets try this. So far ive two playtests and both went very simple and well.

"This game is super easy if you know how to mix colours. If you get confused because your trying to stop the opponents, it's probably best to do your own thing."

Id imagine it can have up to 20 players,?

Take a chinese cheackers board,

Printing prototype and monk trouble

So as I mentioned before, I get bored waiting for the next playtest so I started transferring my cards into the game crafter to see how much it would cost. Sheesh, round punch board chits are a flat 10 bones. I'm glad my game has armor tokens now to offset the cost of just needing 5 chits. The really bad thing is I'm making a copy just for myself as the art is taken from various sources which are place holders for when I pay for real art... but I have to have a nice looking working copy.

The fix is in

I have literally been working on my wizard dueling game Order of the wand for years now. The first version was both component and rules heavy. The game contained the following.

90 cards;6 Wands, 6 Wizards, 2 Starters, 40 Spells – 2 each of 20, 36 Ether

2 Wands (Used chop sticks in testing)
1 Mini wand
1 Time wheel
4 Wizard figures; 2 of each
1 double sided duel hex map
32 Spell tokens markers; 4 sets of (1-6)
6 Ether level markers

I worked on version 1.0 & 2.0 for a long time trying to make it work out but the game was fiddly, confusing and took two long. I finally broke down and took out the time wheel mechanic in version 3.0 as it was causing much of the havoc but the game still ran way too long. I almost gave up on it when I decided to strip the game down to bare bones as my playtesters told me the part they like was the core mechanic, the Wands! I ran 4 playtests of V 4.something at Protospiel last weekend and the game not only worked, played in an hour or less but also received many compliments even though the game needs a great deal of work before its ready to show to a publisher. Based on the feedback I received I am making version 5.0 this weekend and will start with what I hope will be the final leg of playtesting.

Welcome To The Advanced Martial World Games "World Arts On Playing Cards"

Persistence (N) firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.
"Companies must have patience and persistence, but the rewards are there"

Tradewars - Homeworld: The "Death Spiral"

I guess it must be something about your game that you figure out the more the game is playtested...

We have NAMED the problem the "Death Spiral" and both Joe & I have seen the problem. So let me start by explaining the problem!

  • When one player get further ahead on the Treasury (Bank) and earns the right to a 2nd starship.

This is the catalyst for the "Death Spiral". Let me explain what happens next.

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