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How the Cocktail Card Design Tool Came to Be

Cocktail Card Design Software

I've spent the last 25 years working mostly on video games as a programmer. I'd started dabbling a bit with my own tabletop game designs while at Secret Level, a Sega development studio. With the help of a couple of friends there, I designed a card game prototype called Monkey Business, using nanDECK.

New Piecepack Game - One Shot

I'm currently living in a cabin, devoid of fancy board games. Instead, I've been tinkering with my piecepack system, and finally came up with a "gateway" game worth sharing. Please have a look at One Shot if you have a piecepack of your own, or you're just curious. The rulesheet weighs in at a hefty 1.33 pages.

You can download it at the following link:

New Design "crystallizes" overnight... I was up until 3 AM!

So one of my newer designs just got firmed-up overnight. That's right, I was up at around 3:00 AM this morning thinking about some of the fundamental rules for this design. I had some ideas and was drawing some inspiration from "Betrayal at House on the Hill" (BHH) and wanted a two (2) phase game where detectives travel around the "county" trying to solve a crime.

Well I landed-up with a five (5) phase game which is not too bad and I managed to solved some of the "existential" questions with the game: how it should be played and what mechanics should get used.

May 18,2022 Small update

Completed the following this early morning:

Bonny Von Bunya backstory. It's 4 hand written pages long.

Bonny meets with Phixu who was asked for help on retrieving a glittering object with was found by Phixu in the Ships of the Desert South Region of Sea of Opsis.

Slight problem, 3 Felis Flora are in the location which for some odd reason guarding the glittering object which was caught by a fast glimpse from Phixu who was running away from the encounters.

The glittering object is on the fourth level of an abandoned desolate vessel.

TradeWorlds: Smugglers Run

Well it's been a while since I have had the chance to "re-think" the third (3rd) Expansion for "TradeWorlds". For those who don't know, the Expansion was going to be called: "Smugglers Run".

Mom N' Pops - Game Jam Entry

I finished up and submitted an entry to this year's Mapemounde analog game jam over at . It's a tabletop game/RPG game jam that has 10 days or so of game development, then two weeks of playing/reviewing the submissions. The general idea is always about maps in some way, shape, or form. In particular, this year's theme was, "The map is the body of a loved one."

I decided to make a storytelling/journaling game about becoming a tattoo artist.

May 6 2022 update

Here is what I have accomplished in the last 8 days for the last point system of Dymino Monsters:

1: Ancient Garden 4-29-2022 50 cards
2: KingDehm 4-29-2022 40 cards
3: The Cross of the Titan Triangle Temple 4-29-2022 25 cards
5: Minotaurians 4-30-2022 30 cards
6: Caldeanna 5-1-2022 42 cards
7: Safarono 5-1-2022 50 cards
8: Lordonamea 5-1-2022 25 cards
9: Monterello 5-1-2022 40 cards
10: TrueHeart 5-1-2022 30 cards
11: Balleteonean 5-2-2022 30 cards
12: Tog Empire 5-2-2022 50 cards
13: TriiDor Empire 5-2-2022 60 cards
14: Twin Sisters Metal/Machine 5-4-2022 106 cards

TGC Community Game Night at Gen Con 2022!

We’re excited to announce that our annual TGC Community Game Night was approved for Gen Con 2022! The event will run from 8pm-midnight on Friday, August 5th and will be held in the Wabash 1 Ballroom inside the Indiana Convention Center. This is an official Gen Con event and so you’ll need to grab a ticket to enter. 60 tickets available at

Left blank




Selling My Games Collection - ALL GONE

In a short time, I will be moving to a rural/wilderness area and traveling there with little more than what fits in my car (a modest-yet-awesome Toyota Corolla). In radically downsizing, my tabletop and card game collection is on the chopping block. Might you be interested in taking in a game or two?

EDIT: All games are gone. :-D

I chose not to delete this thread because there's been a nice discussion about Splendor in particular. Read on, and learn.

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