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Sunday October 23rd - Play test

Opportunity for me to further refine Stuff the Universe with a group of dev's and play testers before Metatopia next week.

Will have to balance out my desire to see walking dead with the wife with further refining the game.

Wish me luck.

Krakatoa combat system

Note: this post is a pretty long summary of my conclusions drawn from a recently created thread here on BGDF. I've summed it up as a separate post in order to draw readers from outside of BGDF, in order to get feedback from a wider audience.

Not Zombies, just animated corpses!

If you were hosting an open source contest to improve the basic working model of reanimated corpses being used for simple labor, what would you ask for?

Currently we are using power supplies, micro chips, pump w/goo (fluid), and corpses. The best corpse is whole but sometimes that's not possible (and always expensive).

So of course the obvious is a higher quality of manufactured parts. What other things might be desired???

Defenders of Wessex: New update with version 2.9/3.0 on the horizon!

So, I had a wicked play test on the weekend. Not wicked that it was awesome, but wicked in that some how it showcased every flaw with the was amazing and kinda like a train wreck.

So, the first problem we encountered was the deck of cards - the content is great but numbers need adjusting. Case in point: No vikings invaded for 5 turns (its an 8 turn game), and the ones who arrived were kind of pathetic.

TGC Podcast: Episode 92 - Plan a Protospiel

In episode 92 of The Game Crafter Official Podcast, JT and Jeff tackle another listener request. This time, they discuss running a Protospiel event. And share a few questions you might want to ask yourself BEFORE tackling such an event. Also, JT shares his new resource: Protospiel.Events

PS. Protospiel Madison is coming up this weekend. Jeff and JT will both be there. You should join us!

Advice Appreciated


I'd like to use this for Metatopia and events going forward so I'm looking for help and suggestions, wording, etc. for this.

If this is too small please take the time to go to:

Twitter: @Wombatwords

Thanks guys

Updated Play Test Schedule

Date: Sunday October 23
Time: 11AM - ? PM
Event: Cobra's Developers Residence
Location: Hopatcong, NJ
Limited Space please reach out to us if interested.

Date: Thursday, November 3 - Sunday, November 6
Time: TBD
Event: Metatopia
Location: Hyatt Regency 3 Speedwell Ave, Morristown, NJ 07960

Unpub Today

At Unpub today I has the opportunity to meet some really great people and hone #StufftheUniverse further. First allow me the opportunity to share some of the great people and their projects I met:

An argument for Fudge (FATE) dice.

I'm always trying to look for game mechanics that are not exactly unique, but are not exactly popular either.

One of these mechanics is the traditional roll-and-move. Recently I was thinking of how I could revive the roll-and-move mechanic and I've come up with some interesting results.

But we're not talking about that right now :)

We're talking about Fudge Dice.

The fudge dice mechanism was created in 1992 (the year I graduate high school!) and runs traditionally as 4 6-sided dice with two plus symbols. 2 minus symbols, and 2 blank sides on each die.

Stuff The Universe – 2 Player Set-up & Play Test Today

2 Player Simple Board Set-up for Play Test

Today I took the time to actually photograph the initial simple game board set-up for a 2 player game of Stuff the Universe (STU) and also I wanted to some information about the game.

STU is a turn based eurostyle game where players will explore the space around them to amass the most victory points by the end of the game. Victory points are earned through the extermination of Aliens, colonization of planets, sales of resources/equipment and raiding other players colonies.

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