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Hostile encounters

Splat 2.75 Re-write of Rules (Non-Play-Tested)


I've been working with you and the family on socializing the rules and this is what we've come up with (attached). Take a look, it will most likely change by end of project, but am 100% open to feed back.


Make your own custom meeple stickers!

The Game Crafter - Make your own custom printed meeple stickers

The Game Crafter now allows game designers to create their own custom printed meeple stickers!

Check out our product video at

New Cards, the Berlin Computer Spiele Museum and representing Failure

Over the weekend thanks to Berlin Games Week I attended the Berlin Computer Spiele Museum for free. It was a small exhibition but great research for Chip Shop and the visit combined with several other events during the week inspired me to work on some of the product cards on Sunday.

Art update & More :)

Grape Juice

As it's easier to update one site I've been putting art updates on:

However here are some of the boarded cards. :)

What do those Symbols mean?

Rain Drop (w/o Stop Sign) = Liquid Attack
Brown Splat (w/o Stop Sign) = Solid Attack
Rain Drop & Brown Splat (w/o Stop Sign) = Dual Attack
-----Symbol w/ a Stop Sign over it indicates it blocks that attack.

Star = Special (Interrupt/Cleaning/etc)
4 Player Symbol = Effects all players

Splat - Proto-Type Art being assembled

Let me know what you think....

Tradewars - Homeworld: More on The Derelict

I wanted to share with you some statistics with the NEW "The Derelict" scenario.

Tradewars - Homeworld: Player elimination

Another aspect of the game which was brought up was "Player Elimination". Some less experienced players felt that the game favored veteran gamers. In all honesty, we are really surprised by the POSITIVE feedback experienced gamers have given us so far!

But we are NOT ignoring feedback/comments that ALL our playtesters have been giving us. We want to make the game as GREAT as possible. And so I come to you all to discuss "Player Elimination".

Ice Cubes


We’re pleased to announce our new game piece: ice cubes! While our wooden cubes are spectacular, sometimes wood just isn’t an appropriate feel for a game. These plastic cubes give a more futuristic sci-fi feel. Enjoy!

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