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Missed Chance, Kickstarter, and Manufacture Search

Looks like I took too long to contact the people at WonderCon. I didn't submit my logos in time and dropped me. Oh well. That'll teach me. I submitted another application to Gamex. I haven't gotten word back if I'm in or not. Here's hoping.

April 2014 Miscellany

Thoughts about some game-related topics that are not long enough for separate blog posts.

A "new" Britannia-like game:
Wallace Nicoll has prepared a PDF edition of Roger Heyworth's game Conquest Europa.  Roger was the uncredited editor of Britannia for its original publication by H. P. Gibsons in Britain in 1986.  He passed away in 2000, unfortunately.  Wallace was involved in the testing.

My Game is still coming along.


This has been a lot of work... I've been doing my best to update a blog on my company's website with cool videos and stuff.

Here is a time lapse of how the art gets cleaned up...

And another of the shading/coloring process...

I really want to start working on another game but I've got to keep cracking on this one and get it out the door. It's hard after playtesting hundreds of times to be excited about a game isn't it?

Monster Keep - New direction

So I have taken some time to think more about "Monster Keep".

Previously I had been working on a "Dungeon-Crawler" and somehow that idea has got me thinking about transforming "Monster Keep"!

I know this is nothing like the game I have blogged about (which was a card game about bidding and bluffing).

But with a name like "Monster Keep", it just oozes with the potential for a deep, dark dungeon-crawl experience that would be like no other.

Game-A-Week: Blacksmiths

Today on my blog I started a new series of posts, called 'Game a Week'. As you can probably guess the idea is to come up with one game idea a week, and plan it out as best I can in that time frame. This includes any and all themes, mechanics, playtesting, etc..

I know this isn't ideal for coming up with anything MAGICAL WONDERFUL GREAT PUBLISH IT NOW, but it is nice to stretch the design muscles.
I'm using to help when I'm stuck.

New Protospiel Accolade at The Game Crafter

Protospiel Accolade at The Game Crafter

We encourage all designers in The Game Crafter community to find a Protospiel event near them and get their game tested by other designers. And if you do, you can earn this new accolade.


Just a smattering of game idea for a worker-placement genetic modification game I'm working on:

Players are trying to create a new superfood before the law bans research.
The game is won by putting enough DNA points into a superfood before the time runs out.

There are ten rounds to the game. There are 5 different superfoods you can put points into.
(BannaMeat, Tofruit, MangEat, RizAir, and OkrYum)
Different foods require different amounts of resources.

There is a deck of cards containing actions. It changes in size depending on how many players there are.
In this deck there are

Translating a fantasy skirmish into a sci fi skirmish game

So, I have developed a skirmish system permitting you to pit just very few fighters versus each other.
The mechanics are innovative, the theme is common fantasy.
You start by creating your Hero. Upon doing so your Hero gains access to one or more skills.
Creating the Hero and mixing skills is just half of the fun (with the other half being watching your Hero play his role on the battlefield).

This exactly is the main issue I'm running into trying to "paste" a sci-fi theme over the system:
It just is not as simple as that.

Blog1! Didnt even know this existed!

Currently attempting several games, the most recent being a game about throne succession in a large family. If anyone wants to reply to this feel quite free! Would love some fresh eyes.

It involves a multiplayer card game where all players take the role of a successor to a kingdom, each player uses agents to eventually ruin or kill their opponents.

Get in touch with me plz!

Dark horizons game

Hi all,
This is my first blog I've ever done. Kind of exciting :)
I am currentlyworking on a coop game. Players are medieval warriors that have just awoken from a deep slumber to find that a dark menace has awoken. This dark menace has destroyed a once great kingdom that these knights used to guard. The game is scenario based, so you pick a scenario each game. As players complete scenarios, they will unlock new scenarios, new cards, and new ways to build on their characters.

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