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5d6 a GameBook Dice system.

I came up with an idea for a conflict resolution system. The intent is a system to use for my GameBook "The House of Torment" should I require to use my own creation.

The main requirements of my system is
A. Must use D6's
B. Must use more than 1.
C. Must 'feel' like a rpg system even if it's auctually fairly simple.

I came up with the idea of rolling 5d6 for each and every dice roll.
It's used as a dice pool where you count the number of passes or failures.
You'll always end up with either 3 passes, or 3 failures.
The default threshold is 3 & below for pass.

My first GameBook "The House of Torment" WIP

A while back I started a "Game Book". That's one of those Choose your own Adventure type books but with the 'advanced' style which includes dice rolling R.P.G. elements.

For years I wanted to do my homage to the 1992 video game "Alone in the Dark". Computer compilers failed over and over and no matter what I tried it was always due to a technical difficulty. Now with plain writing in a CYOA style book nothing could fail me. Nothing except bad spelling that is.

Tradewars - Homeworld: "Planetary Missions"

Hello all,

I am announcing the FIRST OFFICIAL Expansion of "Tradewars - Homeworld": "Planetary Missions".

This first expansion will feature BOTH "Missions" + "Planets". In addition by adding the expansion cards to the mix, the AVERAGE resource value is 3.0.

That's right 3.0: God's number! :P

It took a lot of analysis and then some tweaking to squeak out a PERFECT 3.0 all across the board.

So what does it mean?

Well it means that each resource card has an equal TRADE VALUE = 3.0. This means that there is no card which is better than the other...

Making the game presentable.

It only took a day to fix what the guys broke. Several more days to make new copies of cards to institute a new playstyle.

Small Pro Box Inserts now available

The Game Crafter - Insert for Small Pro Game Box

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce that we now offer an insert for our Small Pro Box. Many of you have voted for this product on our site ideas system and it became the 7th most popular request! And now it’s available.Keep submitting and voting on the ideas and we will continue to give the community what it wants. :)

Be Legend - Ragnarok

Be Legend - Ragnarok Bottom bx

Be Legend - Ragnarok
June 24, 2015
Mark Laufer
Be Legend grew out of an earlier board game I designed but eventually scrapped. I took all the best ideas from that and, along with the criticisms I had received, evolved it into what you see today. I have a great personal interest in history, mythos, and the need for humanity to make things greater than ourselves.

Added new Blog section to website

In this blog we will be exploring Battle Reports which is a character strategy section. Behind the scene look on the development of Be Legend - Ragnarok. Articles of the components of the game. Manufacturer updates and many more.!blog/cw5

Miners of Axiom

Miners of Axiom was a simple card game which was created as a distraction from attempting to write novels set in the same universe. The games simplicity makes it easy enough to share as my first blog post should anyone ever want to play it (for reasons beyond me).

It has a nice balance between luck and planning and frustration, that being lots of frustration and planning with little luck.

Be Legend - Ragnarok

Be Legend - Ragnarok Cover box

“All life has ceased to exist on Earth. Now, from the dead and broken pages of both history and fiction, it is time to decide Earth’s Greatest Legend. “

Tradewars - Homeworld: The age of diplomacy

Well I wanted to take some "notes" about some of the "meta game" ideas that may be used during a game with the "Chancellor" role.

Types of Treaties:

Here are the different types of treaties.



  • I am the Chancellor, let us all draw +1 card: simple enough, just a way of introducing the "meta game" to the game itself...
  • Non-agression Pact: the allies will stick together and destroy the first player who goes on the offensive.
  • Mission treaties: on a per mission basis make deals to barter up help to

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