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Tradewars - Homeworld: The SURVEY

Since December 2016, I have been posting news about "Tradewars - Homeworld" (TWHW) on Facebook (FB). I was told to "build up a following of fans". But have read advice that even if you have a "bunch of fans" don't expect them to all become instantaneous "backers" of your crowdfunding efforts.

In the month of May, I plan to post up a LINK to a "Game Survey" about TWHW on FB. Now I have about 200+ likes and about 60+ FB friends of game. This is still small, but when I look at the POTENTIAL reach, it's 65,000 people!

A Publishers Perspective on The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - The Game Crafter Official Podcast

So JT reaches out and brings Ray Wehrs, of Calliope Games, on to the podcast to discuss Ray’s perspective of The Game Crafter as a game publisher.

So does a publisher with such hits as Tsuro, Roll For It, and a successful Kickstarter for the upcoming Titan Series have a use for The Game Crafter? And would they recommend The Game Crafter to other publishers?

Click here to listen to the podcast

Domino Chits now available

The Game Crafter - Domino Chit

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce another new custom printable game component! This time around it's the Domino Chit. It's made of 60 point (.06 inches) thick chipboard, printed on both sides, and measures 2 inches long by 1 inch wide.
You get 4 Domino Chits per slug and you can mix-n-match these with any of the Small Punchouts we offer.

Laser Cut Boards + New Board Types Available!

With the exception of our folding boards (bi-fold, quad-fold, or six-fold game boards), all of our boards are now laser cut. This provides higher edge quality and dramatically more accurate cuts. We always recommend that you enable UV coating on any games that include laser cut components.

Reducing Randomness and adding Player Choice and Influence

Long time no post! Things have been incredibly busy around here with prepping for Kickstarter, dealing with reviewers and play test groups, updating artwork, rulebook layout and design .. and every day life getting in the way!

Now that we've FINALLY got back in depth feedback from our final blind test group (the rest were .. shall we say .. skimpy on feedback) we have some solid changes being made to the rules for Into the Black: A Game of Space Piracy!

A spectrum of approach to game design, in simplest terms

There are two fundamental ways to approach design of games (and of RPG adventures).

One approach is to set up an interesting situation and let the players cope with it as best they can, "write their own story", and in this case each group of players is likely to write quite a different story from the same situation.

Monster Keep: A Jewel of a Classic!

First I have to start by thanking "JewellGames" for presenting the "baseline" concept. To recap it's a short game about card drafting. Originally the concept was designed to work with three (3) different colors in three (3) different piles. The strategy in the game would be to figure out what "cards" your opponent is trying to keep to secure the victory and thwart his opponent.

Tradewars - Homeworld: Art Test score!

We had The Game Crafter (TGC) conduct an anonymous test of the artwork for the game... and... we scored a 94%!!! This gives us the 90%+ Art Test accolade!

I am very pleased that people took the time to respond positively to our game and its artwork. It is both attractive and functional.

Even placeholder "star" artwork got a good positive score to bring us over the 90%+ mark...

This is GREAT NEWS for "Tradewars - Homeworld". This kind of mass appeal is what we are hoping for.


Crystal Heroes: The Revival...

With my urge to "design" a Card Game that is totally different from Magic, HearthStone, and co., I have had the idea of a smaller-sized, filler game back in my mind.

In truth Wizards: TCG (WIZ) was starting to expand into a larger game... Something that I wanted to avoid, since my goal was to design a "filler-type" game.

So thinking about this has led me to "revive" "Crystal Heroes" (CHero).

Kingdoms of Immacus: Te'Kesh Card Face Art Highlight

Kingdoms Logo New.jpg

So like I said in my progress report I wanted to talk a little bit about my process in making these card faces for each individual races. This is just a small overview, but it will give some insight on my methods for making them. I start with the header of the card face first. To be consistent with my other card faces, I take the skin tone or look of a particular race and put that on the header where the rarity gem sits. I then do some embellishments that are representative of the race and add their eyes to give the header a little presence.

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