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What is the Board Game Design Lab?

BGDF is partnered with the Board Game Design lab - an effort by BGDF user Gabe Barrett to create and curate regular content for game designers.

The Board Game Design Lab:

  • Curates articles from around the web, guiding users through the process of game design and publishing.
  • Publishes a podcast, with insightful interviews with industry veterans
  • BGDF is happy to have Gabe in our community, and his contributions to the site through BGDL.

    Take me back to the BGDL blogs!

    Changes to Micro Cards

    The Game Crafter - Changes to our Micro Cards

    We’ve made some changes to how the Micro Cards are created and cut in our facility. This means a couple of things for you. Firstly, micro cards are now slugged, which means you will have to punch 2 of them out of a poker sized card. It also means that we’re moving from 56 cards per sheet to 36 cards per sheet. To balance this out we’re lowering the cost per sheet from $3.99 to $2.19.

    Spectrum Force Design Journal.

    I have been working on Spectrum Force for almost a year now and during that time I have made many mistakes and some moments of inspiration that I wanted to share in the hopes that it may help others with their projects and avoid some of the mistakes I have made.

    The Inspiration:

    I had been wanting to design a game for some time I wanted a game out there that I could go I did that and hope that people enjoyed it but nothing really came to mind on the direction to take.

    BGDL 22 - Patrick Leder: Designing an Asymmetrical Game

    Patrick Leder, designer of Vast, discusses what all goes into designing an asymmetrical game. In Vast, each player takes on an incredibly different role with different actions, different win conditions, and different ways to play. And creating a game of this scope is no small task.

    Check out the episode here:

    New Premium Game Pieces at The Game Crafter

    The Game Crafter - We've added new Premium Game Pieces to our Online Parts Shop!

    The Game Crafter is excited to announce a new line of Premium Game Pieces in our online shop. This is a wonderful collection of new resources, animals, and containers. The level of detail and color on these parts is sure to impress players and they’ll make a great addition to any game!

    Click here to view all 25 new game pieces

    TGC Community Chat w/ Jeremy Holcomb, designer of White Box

    Come hang out with us in The Game Crafter's chat channel on Wednesday, May 3rd at 8pm (US Central Time). We’re going to be chatting with Jeremy Holcomb, the designer of the White Box.

    So much has happened.

    I have neglected posting here and I am sorry. I will try to post here more often. I am so excited to see Gods of TYN HARRA coming to fruition.

    The art work is amazing and I am so happy with the way things are progressing. I will be a Origins in Columbus, Ohio so people can play.

    I have attached a couple character sheets for the Demon and Wizard. Let me know what you think!

    Big success on the first test of Defenders of Wessex V3.0!

    On Saturday night I was able to pull together a play test for Defenders of Wessex. It was the first one on the new version. Spoiler alert: we lost the game. Of course, it got to the point where we knew we had lost the game about 3/4 of the way through. But we continued to play so I could gather more data. You see, we lost because the game in its current version is more unbalanced than me on a skateboard doing yoga on a steep hill while eating ice cream. No, I've not done that. But you get the idea. It needs some work.

    Hello from Tyralis - now under my real name

    Hi everyone! I'm going to be continuing posting under my real name instead of Tyralis. I'm usually here posting lots of content about play testing!

    Look out for more play testing and other game content from me in the near future!

    (and take the survey about your playtesting habits: )

    Trick Taker Challenge - Winner Announced!

    The Game Crafter - Trick Taker Challenge

    And the winner is … Tricky Tides by Biggest Little Games.

    We’d like to thank all our participants, and our guest judge Gold Seal Games.

    Speaking of our judge, Andrew left a beautiful document describing how he reached a decision the winner. Definitely worth a read!

    Turn your idea into a board game at The Game Crafter.

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