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Auction: Design A Punchout

If you win this auction, you’ll get to work with JT to design a custom laser cut shape that will be available to everybody that uses The Game Crafter. The punchout will have to be something that reasonably more than one person would want, and it will need to fit on the small (3.25" x 5.25"), medium (4.5" x 8"), or large (10.5" x 8.25") punchout slugs we have. The auction ends on May 31st.

PS: If you win this auction, you will be let in on a big super secret, and that secret may influence what you design.

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Kingdoms of Immacus: Anything Worth Doing is Hard AF

Kingdoms Logo New.jpg

I wanted to take a break from the standard updates and also change the format in which I deliver information. Gone will be the dated updates, instead they will have a title more relating to the topics discussed in the post. Anyway, the set is done! Well kind of. There is still plenty of tweaking to do with the changes that were made over the course of development, but now all that remains is art and ungodly amounts of play testing. Now the fun stuff…

Dead Laptop

My Macbook pro of almost 5 years finally died last night.
Been working on my card game on my computer at work.
I took the chance to buy an Ipad Pro with the Pencil, which wont be arriving for another 3 weeks unfortunately. Did save $200 on it though.

Dungeon Draw - Available PnP

A 15 minute micro press-your-luck card game for 2 or more dungeon delvers, ages 7 and up!

Rules | Cards | Cardbacks

Into the Black Pre Release prototype has arrived!

Into the Black CONTENTS - PreRelease Prototype 2.jpg

I just got the pre-release prototype from and dang it's bigger than I expected. I didn't even realize how many components there were!

I have some fixes to make for the printing templates (messed up a few card backs and that bleed needs fixing) and some of the graphics are a bit dark but those are easy fixes.

Kickstarter, here we come!

Want Somebody to collabarate in my Board Game !

Hello Fellow Game Designers,
I am a Free Lance Game designer from India and I have been working on my Board Game for past 8 months and had planned for Kickstarter in March but right now I have been in a Big trouble as my Partner left the Game and joined a Outsourcing company for 3D modelling. I don't know how this happened and I still need to finish my Games Artwork. So, right now am still in the testing phase of the game.

Andrew Smith Inducted Into the TGC Hall of Fame

The Game Crafter - Andrew Smith Inducted Into the TGC Hall of Fame

Andrew was inducted into The Game Crafter Hall of Fame after his game, Honeywars, won the the Gamehole Board Game Challenge 2015 . We’d like to congratulate him on this awesome achievement. You can read our full interview with him here.

Tradewars - Homeworld: General Release Edition

With everything that has been going on with "Tradewars - Homeworld", it took some time in figuring out what needed to get done.

This weekend I spent about eight (8) hours re-designing the cards to match the NEW "General Release" Edition. Since we have trimmed down the amount of artwork used by the game - we created "accidentally" two (2) additional options for new races. This was not a planned effect, it just seemed natural that we had about 1/3 the amount of cards to design, that we could eventually ADD two (2) additional races.

Essentia Tactics | Rules

Each player chooses a class in secret. Players simultaneously reveal their choice. If the same class is selected, that class is banned and players select a new, non-banned, class. Repeat this process until player's choose distinct classes or all classes are banned. If all classes become banned, un-ban all classes and start from the beginning.

Once players have chosen distinct classes, players set their health to their class maximum, gain energy equal to their classes starting energy, and then resolve any "At start of game..." abilities. Then begin the first round of the game.

PROJECT: Mammoth Vein

I live in the coal regions of eastern PA in the town of Summit Hill which is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in America. My town is situated on top of a mountain that sits at the southeastern end of the Mammoth Vein of the purest anthracite coal in the world.

After a GDS on energy about two years ago, I have been tossing around the idea of a mining game, wrote a journal article on it and left it incubate then returned to it again last week and revised it. i decided it would be better to work this out in a blog and hence here we are. If you are reading this, I'm open to critiques, ideas and thoughts. I'm calling it Mammoth Vein for now until I find a suitable title.

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