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Announcing the "Big Box Challenge" at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - Big Box Challenge - Board Game Design Contest

Yesterday we announced our Trick Taker Challenge and today we're announcing our Big Box Challenge. This board game design challenge is unique because you can choose any theme or mechanics you want. Typically contests in The Game Crafter community have pretty strict requirements in these areas.

Contest details here:

New "Trick Taker Challenge" at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

Introducing the "Trick Taker Challenge" at The Game Crafter! We want you to design a completely unique trick taking game. Trick taking is an ancient style of card game. We want you to turn this age-old mechanic and turn it on its head.

See all of the details at

Semi-Finalists Announced for The Game Crafter's Adventure Challenge!

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

The Semi-finalists in our Adventure Challenge have been announced! See the results at:

Need help naming characters...

I've sort of named the wizard. Either Thiltwig or Thigwilt. (Both are anagrams of Twilight. I painted the figure purple, we joked about MLP, and he was born.)

Female names are HARD. I could think of a dozen unique male fantasy names before I could think of 1 for a female. All the female names I DO come up with, sound too magic-ish. I'm hoping someone will read this and maybe have some input on a decent sounding name. One where you look at him/her and say, "yeah, that looks like a [insert name]".

Feedback on the board tiles for space 4X

Hey everyone!

Got the first drafts of artwork for the board tiles for our next game.
BGDF won't let me upload large images, so I guess I'll just drop links to the BGG gallery.

The tiles will be ~24-28cm each and the board will be combined out of 2-4 (depending on the number of players) of these tiles + the same number of smaller tiles in the corners.

So here's a short list of questions that interest me:

Quest Adventure Cards v2.0: Fragments

Taking a step back and starting basing myself purely on the essential or fundamental elements in the game, I have defined these five (5) types of "Fragments":

  • Terror: specify a fright level and are minor or major.
  • Boon: something that is helpful or beneficial in some way.
  • Challenge: a type of obstacle or event which must be overcome.
  • Heroism: anything related to characters and heroes.
  • Ether: the fabric of life itself coming from the Celestial Heavens.

New build on Pocket Sports app

We've got our second build looking a lot better - I've made a video about it so I don't have to type how cool it is :) Check it!

Quest Adventure Cards v2.0: Another iteration

In my mind, I picture the MOST "Epic" Journey you will ever take... I want the Second (2nd) Edition to be one of the GREATEST games you will ever play!

The good news is that I can picture (sort of) the type of game that will be so different from the other Collectible Card Games (CCGs) in that you are building a journey as opposed to simply combating an opponent.

Quest is NOT Magic.

And that's what I really like: to unlock the potential of a different TYPE of game that could become immensely popular.

Announcing the winner of the Gamehole Gauntlet!

The Game Crafter - Gamehole Gauntlet 2016 - Winner Announced!

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce that Heroes of Silveroak is the winner of the Gamehole Gauntlet.

We’ve produced a PDF of all the finalists so they can see how we chose the winner and why.

We would like to thank the participants of this contest.

SpellMasters: "Tiles" of change

In the following GDS Showdown (, we presented a very "unique" component: Wooden Game Tiles.

Although there was limited participation, the general direction of the games in the contest did not satisfy the intended direction of this "component". Even if I shelved the concept for many months... I have been thinking about re-introducing that component for a NEW design.

I call it "SpellMasters".

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