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The Third Epoch: Truly Bespoke Games at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - Truly Bespoke Games (completely custom punchouts)

Seven years and 1 week ago we launched The Game Crafter. That was the first epoch.

5 years and 2 weeks ago we announced the second epoch via A Crafter’s Manifesto, where we took The Game Crafter out of beta.

Today, we’re proud to tell you about our third epoch, the era of truly bespoke print on demand games. As of today, you can not only design what gets printed on your game components, you can actually design the shapes of those components as well. Need a dragon for your adventure? No problem!

Hunting Sasquatch Beta Testing

Hey, there, everyone! I am trying to pin down a good date for Beta Testing this game of ours. Is anyone available on Wednesday, August 3rd? Depending on the number of people will determine the size of the venue I end up using for the testing. Just comment to this posting, and I will start the ball rolling.

Thanks to everyone so much!


New Pricing For Punchouts

The Game Crafter - New Pricing for Punchouts

Back when we used to cut chits and tiles via dies it made more sense to charge by the sheet. But now, with the advent of mix and match, and laser cutting, it is time to change things up and price by the length of the cuts. So an item that has fewer linear inches in its cut will be cheaper and an item that has more linear inches will be more expensive.



Over 5 years in the making and almost ready for a kickstart via!

Zomblocko is a strategic attack & defense board game where in each player must keep a survivor alive from the opposing player’s attacking zombies!

Fast paced with an average session running for about 15 minutes.

A standard set allows for 2 players, but every additional set increases the player capacity by +2!

Packaging is small/compact (4"x4"x4" Box), making it easy to throw in a backpack and take to a friends or on a trip!

Viking Invasion Playtest: smashing success!

So, today I got to have another play test! And it was epic!

I have altered the rules and now the game is capable of playing within 2 hours (obviously it will be longer for more players, shorter for fewer players). The game was ultimately win-able, though we did not win (random card draw part of the game ended it for us!). But still, the game worked exactly as it needed to.

My parameters for this test: Play in under 2 hours, have the outcome be close (either a near win or near loss), and have little negative feedback that would require rules edits.

Quest Adventure Cards v2.0: Types of cards

As I mentioned in the EPIC thread, I plan to use dual-sided cards for this game. I know they are a bit *cumbersome* but for what I plan to accomplish, the card count would be just too great.

I wanted to discuss the "Types of cards" that will be present in the game.

Here is the short list:

  • Heroes/Monsters: These dual-sided cards speak for themselves.
  • Bastions-Badlands/Lairs: Various location for your epic journey.
  • Events: These cards are also dual-sided but instead of "Good/Bad", they are "Encounter"/"Reward".

Viking Invasion Play Time Reduction

So previous to this, the average play time for my game, Viking Invasion (working title) in play tests has been 3 hours, and that is with a full, experienced crew of players. People who have helped me play test the same game multiple times before.

Tradewars - Homeworld: For SALE!!!

Well there is only a couple of days left before the LAUNCH of our Crowd Sale on "The Game Crafter" (TGC).

If you'd like to download our rulebook and have a read, the download is of course FREE. We have explicitly set it so that it may be viewed anonymously and downloaded at no cost.

Our TGC sale will start on Monday 18 July and proceed until Monday 15 August. Yes it is a long duration, we are hoping to do some more "guerrilla marketing" during the campaign and see if we can generate more interest.

Playtesting for Hunting Sasquatch

Okay, folks. Hunting Sasquatch is up for Beta! I need to know if Wednesdays night in the month of August work, and if anyone knows of a specific venue for play testing? As I said,I am new to this, and need all the assistance anyone is willing to give me at this point. The game runs about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes, depending on the number of players. There can be up to 5 players. Reply to this blog, and I will start putting the calendar together. Thanks again for all the help!

Viking Invasion Artwork Consultation and Development Journal

So today I had an hour and a half meeting with the artist who will be providing the pretty pictures for my game. He is Howard Cobb; I don't know that he is exceptionally famous, but I mentioned him here before. His gallery is composed mostly of landscapes, but I know his talents and interested better than that. He has a history of, among other things, comic book art (He's done some Punisher, Quantum Leap. His most famous comic book work was probably on Virus, the comic that spawned the movie).

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