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Online Rising Trend of Escape Games

The Internet has been instrumental in opening the world wide back door, for online games enthusiast, who is now able to engage in online amusement and brain stoking games without having to leave the luxury of their office or home. The latest trend in room games entertainment will help you find out if you've got what it takes to get out of locked room gaming situations within a time frame provided by a lot of clues to solve the game.

Crystal Heroes: New stats

Well I have decided on SIX (6) distinct stats that will be used by the game. Previously there was only ONE (1) stat: Crystal power (or C).

Now I have changed it to six (6) stats:

  • [STR] = Strength
  • [DEX] = Dexterity
  • [INT] = Intelligence
  • [CON] = Constitution
  • [CHA] = Charisma
  • [WIS] = Wisdom

Each card will have ONE (1) stat and it will vary per Hero.

Space exploration game

Hi all!. I have been trying to design a space exploration card game. I have been wanting to make it small, but it does seem like a space exploration genre requieres the game to be huge so that it does not get boring.

What do you think?, is it possible to make a small one that has replay value?. The mechanics that i have been thinking about are: Set collection and take that. Also been thinking of adding some sort of economy system. But i dont want to end up with a 4x. More like a 1x?

Looking foward to responses. Thanks!

New Game Design Contest at The Game Crafter!

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

The Game Crafter is happy to announce a new community game design contest. Introducing The Adventure Challenge!

Here's an introduction:

We want you to design a completely unique adventure game where the players complete grand quests or amazing acts of heroism or villainy.

"Does playing board games with people always lead to frustration and anger?"

(This is another Quora answer, to the question quoted in the title.)

Of course not! Even with traditional-style board games that are directly competitive, most people remember most of the time that IT'S A GAME, not real-world. A particularly cut-throat game like Diplomacy or Age of Renaissance may engender more anger than others, but there are lots of quite peaceful board games as well.

Defenders of Wessex Update and after action report

So, I had a few weeks where I did't have access to play testers. Back to school combined with late summer vacations took them all elsewhere. During that time I took a good, long look at some of the results and feedback I had from the most recent version of Defenders of Wessex, and I realized something: Having 1 out of 12 wins means that my game is too hard. I admit, several losses have been close, only by a point or two, while others have been spectacular. But the common thread in all of them is that the Panic mechanic is what causes the loss in every game, even with careful management.

Two New Designs

When I started my blog ( a dozen or so years ago it was mostly a personal blog where I discussed what I was doing (in connection with game design). Gradually it became more formal, more like magazine articles at a time when magazines were disappearing (especially the paying ones). Some of the material in my book Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish, which I finish writing in 2011, first appeared in the blog. After the book I started making videos for online audiovisual classes, as well as my Game Design channel on YouTube, and I wrote less.

November Playtesting /Metatopia

Date:November 5-8
Location: 3 Speakwell Ave, Morristown NJ 07960
Event Metatopia

Going to be there as well...

Hope to see y'all there too. If going drop me a message and we can have a drink.

Abyssal 131: The Design Blog

First update:

Finally, I have cut out 108 squares of paper, placed them up against blank cards and slipped them into card protectors allowing me to see what the first deck of my game is going to look like. I even ran through a game mentally with the deck just to see what the flow would be like and how "mean" I made the Abyss deck. Here are some of my thoughts:

-- Being LEFT-HANDED sucks for cutting still. I have never mastered this skill in my nearly 40 years of life and I don't think I ever will!

Should a feasibility plan be created before the game

Should a feasibility plan be created before the game?

If you are serious about selling your pride and joy, then yes, and no. It depends but in all cases, a feasibility plan will be needed if you plan to produce the product.

Let me explain:

Let's say you have plans to create a deck building game. You have a great idea and you're really excited about it. Okay, now what?

People invent so many things and then they never get it to market. They spend hundreds of thousands on prototyping and development and learn that they should never have started the project in the first place.

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