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Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Hello from The Game Crafter!

I know it seems to be ridiculously early to be talking about holiday shipping deadlines in October, but it is that time of year again. If you’re working on a game you plan to give as a Christmas present, then please place your orders no later than December 3rd to receive it in time for Christmas. If you live outside the US, it will take much longer to arrive so plan accordingly.

We’ll provide another update as we get closer to remind you to get those orders in. Happy designing!

Stealth - glitches and probable solutions

Laying down the final art has started. We are still
facing the problem of very very few play testers.
Some mechanics have been modified. Duel
initiation and run away mechanics have changed
to remove a few glitches. The glitches and
changes made were:

Knife: after some final solo testing, I found out a
glitch in the knife's limitation/ability. It states
that a knife can only be used when moved on the
same block and you have to use one turn to do it.
In rare cases, when a player is left only with a
knife, and he starts dueling with another player,

China Guangzhou Int’l Game & Amusement Exhibition(CIAE2015)

"Octagon" map with nodes

China Guangzhou Int’l Game & Amusement Exhibition(CIAE2015)
Date: March 28th -30th, 2015.
Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou International Sourcing Center
ADD: East Avenue, Haizhu District, Guangzhou Pazhou International Sourcing Centre, Guangzhou No. 8, 18th Floor, East Tower

China Guangzhou International Game & Amusement Exhibition(CIAE2015)is one of the most important and well-known game show in China and has been successfully held for ten sessions in every March.

Henchmen! is now on Kickstarter and we need your help fellow designers!

My game Henchmen! is now available for pre-order through Kickstarter. We have some awesome rewards and special earlier back promotions to give away. We just launched 11 hours ago and already we're at $500! Help us bring you one of the best games of this generation!

Prepared for Siege - board game in progress!

Hi guys,

I'm designing my first board game, I'm very excited and I want to share my project with you guys.

Players; 2-4
Playing time: 30-50 min.
Object tokens: 96
Gold tokens: 23
Dice: 2 (3 faces dice)
Inventory board for each player (4): 3 slots for weapons, 6 inventory slots, one big slot for gold;
Board: 10X10 units(grid - one unit = 2.5cmx2.5cm) + 6X4 units in each corner (representing players' castles)

Object tokens:
- resources: CORN, WINE, ROPE, BOLT;
- weapons: spear, shield, helmet;
- "power-up"/"power-down" (attack, defense);

A Few More Tickets for Protospiel Madison 2014

Good news, we were able to get a slightly bigger room, so we have more tickets available for Protospiel Madison 2014. Get them while they’re still available, because they are going to go fast.

Really Small Games (Card Version)

I attended a meeting of a NC game designers’ guild for the first time last week. The organizer, Matt Wolfe, asked about my design Sea Kings, which is currently on Kickstarter run by Worthington Publications ( ). At some point I said it was, at about 45 minutes, inevitably a filler game; and he responded, that’s not a filler game any more, fillers are 20 minutes!

Heir Saboteur: First Playtest

HeirSaboteur Playtest001-3.JPG

I finally got the time to do the first playtest of the game! I updated the art as I went along (very quick drawings for now). As the illustrations were added, the game seemed more real. Of course there are a ton of oversights in the game rules that I had to adjust, but a few new interesting ideas came out of it, such as the Alchemist.

Alchemist Role: crafts poisons that may be used against other players.

Game theory on Theocracy (I)

In this article I will explore the solvability of my game Theocracy through the light of the fundamentals of game theory.


The first thing we must know is the concept of payoff on game theory.

Ghost of Ned Kelly

I put Ned Kelly and the Sniper 9x9 = 81 chess squares on the shelf and worked this out.

Ned Kelly was known as the infamous Iron Outlaw circa 1880 in Australia Ned and his gang had a shoot out with the Troopers while wearing home made armour.

The Ghost of Ned Kelly
Mango Chutney © C.J.Griffin 2014

Ages : Must know the rules of Chess
Players : Three
Format : Single game or sets play

The Ghost of Ned Kelly is a 2 tiered chess variant with role playing.

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