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Tradewars - Homeworld: What comes next

Well it's official NOW, as of today, that we will be investing more money in producing MORE artwork for our game "Tradewars - Homeworld". In the next four (4) months, we have commissioned the production of artwork for a "Lite" Edition of the game.

The "Lite" Edition will feature less cards, less scenarios and much less artwork. But by the miracle of the Internet the COST to gamers of our game will drop from $29.99 to UNDER $20.00!!!

Don't forget you will be getting the game with a little less and paying an AMAZING price tag for the "Lite" Edition.

TGC Designer Interview with Marcin Zarycki

The Game Crafter - Designer Interview with Marcin Zarycki

We just released a new board game designer interview with Marcin Zarycki. He’s a talented game designer and a HUGE supporter of The Game Crafter community. He has helped hundreds, if not thousands of people over the years in The Game Crafter’s forums and chat channel. You probably know him as “Zovu” on :)

He signed a publishing deal with Argyle Games for his game, Landed. In addition, he has another game that was signed by Floodgate Games and that will be out later this year. Congrats on all the success Marcin! We believe you have a bright future ahead of you. Click here to watch the full interview on youtube

Landed is currently on Kickstarter and you can check it out at

First Time entering the Game Design Showdown.

Put this together for the show-down, let me know what you think. Something I worked on specifically for this challenge but would like your feedback as it'll help me overall with something else.

Challenge is located here:


The Waves of Fight

Game takes place over 3 rounds. Each wave card determines the victory condition(s) (trump/suit/etc.).

60 Game Cards
20 Wave Cards

Tradewars - Homeworld: First game preview

Here is a "brief" article about "Tradewars - Homeworld". It's apparently true that our game DOES have a lot of depth... Surprisingly more than expected!

Thank you to Robert C. Kalajian Jr., one of the Purple Pawn Editors, for taking the time to "preview" our game...

And if you haven't seen our preview video from BoardToDeath TV, here is the YouTube link:

Thanks for taking a look or read... We hope more reviewers will chime in with more articles concerning our game.

The Game Crafter now makes linen cards and components!

The Game Crafter - Linen cards, boxes, and boards are now available!

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce that LINEN is here! For the past year, linen cards have been the number one idea in the ideas system. We’re pleased to announce that we now have linen finished cards. But why stop at cards?

When you enable linen finish on your game, everything from your cards to your box to your game board will get our professional linen finish! And you can do it with or without UV coating, but UV coating really makes it pop. Just go to “edit details” in your game and you can enable linen finish for $0.25 per sheet.

Just in time for Super Bowl 50

Yes....why not get in the mood and watch me play through a quarter of Pocket Sports Football while I explain America's favourite kind of football in a nasally Australian accent.

Ruminations on Types of Games and Game Players, Arising from a Sojourn

(When I started to write this, I had no idea it would grow to exceed 3,500 words. But I think those who are interested in game design, and in why people play, will find it useful. LP)

I have been living in Gainesville, Florida temporarily, and with the advantages of being officially retired - no set schedule - I have been attending a variety of board/card game meetings and contemplating attendance at some conventions.

Boogie Knights -- The Story So Far

Boogie Knights is a lightweight card game with a bit of dice rolling, aimed as a filler or (slightly geeky) family game, based on a terrible pun, and I figured it is about time I shared a bit about it here, as it is the prototype that I have so far progressed the furthest. It still has a long way to go, but I'm slowly getting there...

Pocket Sports Baseball - HOW TO PLAY video

Apologies for smashing the forum today :)

Another run through video, this time for Pocket Sports Baseball as I go back through the catalogue.

Zerpang! is now on Kickstarter

The Game Crafter - Zerpang! is now on Kickstarter

We’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign today to get miniatures made for Zerpang! The miniatures enhance the game by not only doing a better job of telling you who is who, but also by adding a much more dramatic thematic element to the game. We could really use your support.

Visit our campaign on Kickstarter here

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