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Feedback from first Playtesting session

After my first constructive play test session, here is the first wave of changes to the game.

Changing 'Personalities' to 'Staff'

People felt that the word 'Personality' was too strong and placed too much emphasis on the historical figures over the generic staff members. One fantastic idea was that these 'generic' staff cards could become kickstarter backers in the future and thus give people the chance to also be a 'Personality'.

Ideas are worthless...

As I continue to work in the video/analog industry, I've noted that there are a lot of ideas that are brilliant and there are a lot of ideas that are dumb (relatively speaking).

I say such a bold statement about ideas because ideas don't make a game. It's the implementation of that idea that makes the game. Let me give a few examples:

-Codenames is a party game that's got a lot of strategy and excels in its simplicity. The marketing behind this game was great and the demand is high. This is an example of a brilliant idea implemented brilliantly.

Tradewars - Homeworld: Marketing downer

I was dealt a *dramatic blow* because my "Marketing Expert" had decided to no longer offer marketing resources. Specifically I was hoping to have a group of over 5,000+ gamers (that was the resource) I could pitch my game to.

On the *positive* side of things, making some changes to the game, I was able to drop the Funding Goal from $25,000 to $15,000! Wow! That is a lot!

This was partially because I did not need to pay the Marketing Expert (10%) and I made some concessions with the artwork (and created stretch goals if gamers want all unique artwork, it will cost +$5,000 funding).

Elemental: Schools of Magic = Rituals and incantations

*** Under Construction ***

This blog entry is a Work-In-Progress. I still have more thinking to do on the subject matter. These are scattered thoughts that I am trying to compile...

Rituals & incantations

Rituals and incantations are comprised of several elements. These elements are the foundation of how arcane energy can be unlocked and activated by one of the six (6) Magicians.

Each energy level grants your Magician +1 Action Points (APs).

3d profiles

Be Legend - Ragnarok Surt

So much more to do, so little time and money

Live streaming of Crafter Con 2015 on Periscope - All day today!

Watch Crafter Con LIVE on periscope right now! Runs from 10am-10pm central.

This is a great convention for game designers and it's free! Lots of experts and plenty of sessions that run all day.

Watch it on periscope at:

Elemental: Schools of Magic


In the beginning the ancient mysticism came from the Pharaohs. Osiris the God of the Afterlife, the Underworld and the Dead would guarantee the transition from this life to the next. The Greek heretics, zealots in their beliefs, sought a place where they could expand and explore further in detail the Egyptian mysticism... The city of Alexandria was chosen, because it was the capital of Hellenistic Egypt. There Greek Masters would table six (6) different schools of Greek Magic, each with one with its special rituals and incantations.

On kickstarter and doing well

Making another attempt at kickstarter lower funding goal lower pledges more add ons. Doing great for only being on for 2 and half hours. Come check us out

Tradewars - Homeworld: Minis expansion

When you typically think of a minis game - you don't think about a "game within a game"... This is a *fresh* and exciting IDEA about how to use minis as an Expansion for "Tradewars - Homeworld".

The early concept includes 1" hexagonal tiles with various types of space occurrences like "asteroids", "homeworlds", and at the heart of the map, the only planet rich in quickSilver (Name to be determined).

Jonathan Bouthilet inducted into The Game Crafter Hall of Fame

Jonathan Bouthilet was inducted into The Game Crafter Hall of Fame after his game, Siege of Sunfall, won the Killer Gamer’s Remorse Challenge. We’d like to congratulate him on this achievement and you can read his interview at

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