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Quest Adventure Cards(tm) — The Reboot is finally ready!

On Friday, I wrapped up the final version of the Quest Adventure Cards(tm) Reboot which is a streamlined version of the product which is composed on 70 Quest Cards and is great for kids wanting to learn more about card games.

No "Quest AC" is NOT a "Battling" game. You don't battle your opponent. Instead it focuses on constructive gameplay encouraging the players to COMPLETE QUESTS, much like the name suggests.

Dymino Monsters Update 4-18-2024

Well, it's been a very long while since I posted here on a new blog. The last blog is from December 3 or 4 2023.

So it's the New Year of 2024 and it's now April.

I'm still on chapter 5 in the journal novel for the story of Bantalatal and Aila. One war frog who uses an axe and his long time companion Aila who he met up in Thagdaar. Aila is also a frog but half the height of Bantalatal and Aila does sign language, Bantalatal is the interpreter. Aila can speak but uses sign language.

In other news:

TradeWorlds — Tactical Core

Well as I ramp up my activities, I've got a bunch of projects all "OPEN" and at different stages. I'm thinking about using "Dual Dice", the specialty dice to use a "Dice Draft/Auction" mechanic which could maybe bring the game together.

The A/B Facets of those dice allow players to draft dice from the pool of available dice and then use them during their turn. So if you Drafted a "Fuchsia" dice (Black/Purple), it means that if you roll a "6", you will get 3 Moves and The Destined (Purple) players gets 3 Moves too!

TradeWorlds — Smuggler's Run

I've just finished an "incomplete" version of the Box Cover for the "TradeWorlds" EXPANSION called "Smuggler's Run". The design had been in a bit of a funk ... or as other would put it a "Mental Block". In any event, I've found a system that could work but it needs a prototype and playtesting.

I plan to start (or continue) work on the Box Cover and ensure that the EXPANSION idea gets to the early prototype stage once everything I need to get done before that becomes a reality...

Hi guys ~ Gameland and Yaofish are officially accepting board game design submissions!

Gameland and Yaofish are officially accepting board game design submissions! We're excited to discover your creative ideas and share them with passionate gamers worldwide.

We focus on exploring and publishing exceptional games, specifically Family Games, Party Games, and Children’s Games that feature easy-to-learn rules, beautiful illustrations, and moderate game durations.

Quest — The Reboot

So I've just wrapped up a newer Version of "Quest Adventure Cards(tm)", I call it the "Reboot". In principle you are STILL trying to "complete" Quests but the method of doing so is different. The difference are as follows:

1> No more "Quest" Definition Cards.

Instead we use a STAR for required cards that must be played into the play area. You can start from one (1) to three (3) Victory Point cards which are required.

Duel Botz — Complete overhaul in order to focus the design

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been reviewing "Duel Botz", a game that came to me within 24 hours time. It came very quick and I should have known that there would be challenges to this design.

The goal of this design was to use Polyhedral dice to track various aspects of your robots. While this sounds noble and interesting... The reality is that it's going to take more time to firm up this design.

Why? Because dice as stats is BORING!!! Even rolling the dice just is not good enough for what I hope to achieve.

Dymino Monsters November 28 2023

I am still working on this epic high fantasy steampunk and dieselpunk storyline and game.

I am currently working on mini concept artwork locations for visual context for the game's novels and play mat visuals.

I have been working on the mini concept artwork since November 12 2023. I have 56 out of 76 mini concept artworks to complete.

I am co-currently working on the Bantalatal and Aila Journal Novel and in the hand written pages I am in chapter 4 since October 25, 2023.

That is why I have been silent all this time. Those two things and work and my quiet life.

Prospector — I decided to have a dedicated BLOG for this "Expansion"

So as some of you know, I decided to DESIGN a Splendorous "Expansion"... What does that imply or mean?

PoA — I "streamlined" the design

I know I already sent Stephen (@let-off studios) a message concerning "Plains of Aria" (PoA) and it is VERY important.

I have a spreadsheet with over 200+ tiles and realized that this was TOO MUCH. I was having a hard time doing the production sheet for the Manufacturer because honestly there were too many possibilities.

But a couple nights ago, I "streamlined" the design and have come out to a TOTAL of 75 unique tile designs!!! This is a BREAKTHRU... Because now things seem much more MANAGEABLE.

I need to work on packaging NEXT... And I will do this during this week.

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