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Tradewars - Homeworld: The PROOFING begins

Well today I received two (2) Game Sets which I will be using for multiple purposes:

A> I will proof all the cards for errors.
B> I will use these sets to play the game at a FLGS.

I am amazed how nice the "rulebook" turned out. I was very worried that the writing would be too small. But the thing that saves it is that it is Black on White. So there is very HIGH contrast even thought the writing is kind of "small-ish".

Elements Board Game Launched

Board Art (960x965).jpg

Elements is a board game for preschoolers. Easy and fun to learn and play, the game is perfect for busy parents who need a fast game to play with their preschoolers.

We have launched a campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for manufacturing. Here is the link if you'd like to take a look:

Designing an abstract game is different.

Quick prototype board

I posted last week about designing a different way than I am accustomed too. I have kept at it and I am very happy with the results. I kept having to make myself stay restricted and not just throw in stuff. With it being suck a small game with very few parts and rules, I really had to force myself to stay in that bubble.

I kept all possible theme away from this game. Even the title is just the Old Norse word for the main mechanic (HRINDA). Now I will start doing the graphic design.

It is only a board with coins. I am thinking about making it look like wood in lay in.

The Vikings are Coming! (Great Heathen Army)

So, having been laid off several months ago, I found myself with a good deal of free time on my hands and I decided to resurrect an old project. It was a complicated game with a lot of variables in the table top wargame genre. Well, the variables finally did me in and I threw in the towel. There was just too much to figure out, too much to try and balance and make playable.

What does any of that have to do with Vikings?

Tradewars - Homeworld: Father Geek Approved!

If anyone is interested in taking a read at Mr. Cirus Kirby's review (Aka Father Geek) of our game ("Tradewars - Homeworld").

Here is the link:

I will of course be updating "The Game Crafter" (TGC) website with the Accolade to help buyers feel more secure with their purchase: "They are buying a really good game..."

Lot's of positive feedback from all groups - and smart lessons learned about just how rewarding playing the game can actually be.

Cheers everyone!

New Avatar Pawns Available at The Game Crafter. Acrylic instead of wood/plastic composite.


Woot if you like our new avatar pawns! Unfortunately our manufacturer stopped making the wood/plastic composite ones we used to have. So we decided to make our own out of acrylic. This means we now have a pawn to go with our cubes and crystals! Oh yeah, and we’re also dropping the price from 15 cents each to 10 cents each.

Check them out in our online parts shop at:

Kingdoms of Immacus: Phase 1 Complete

Phase 1 or what I call the “Fray Phase” of Kingdoms of Immacus development is now complete, but what was Phase 1? For me, Phase 1 was fleshing out the concept, getting those concepts on paper, and putting those concepts to the test. While doing this however, I approached the game from multiple angles – bundling art, graphic design, conceptual design, and playtesting all in one phase – and it seemed to work. Doing art and graphic design I was able to do the card face designs, the icons associated with the game, and the logo.

Finalists Announced for Worker Placement Challenge

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

Here are the finalists in The Game Crafter's Worker Placement Challenge:

Treble with Gators
The Mines of Mi Otal
Film Fest
Build the Skies
Gopher Glory

Dan Letzring, the judge for this contest, has stated that if anyone who participated would like more feedback, to contact him. However, he provided a spreadsheet that's available on our official Tumblr news article with a rundown of the scores of all of the entries in the semi-finals.

PS - Don't forget that the Gamehole Gauntlet contest is currently running right now and there are 75 days left before the submission deadline. So there's still plenty of time to work on your idea and enter the contest!

Tradewars - Homeworld: Making games is costly

Here is a screen capture of my latest "The Game Crafter" (TGC) Order. A whooping $93.67 for two (2) Game Sets AT COST.

I have other plans for SELLING this game - because TGC is so pricey. I will of course maintain the game for sale via TGC (for online purchases) but I will be looking for other avenues to try and lower the cost to produce and resell the game.

Just wanted to show how pricey it can be!

Consequences in Games

You may have heard me in the past talk about the widespread displacement of consequence-based gaming by reward-based gaming. Party games, and to a lesser extent family games, have always been reward-based (you're rewarded for participation) rather than consequence-based (winning and losing is important, plus more), but hobby games were usually the latter. The change in hobby games started in the videogame world, where most single player games are puzzles rather than opposed games, and so as long as you are persistent - especially when you can use the video save games to try different things - sooner or later you'll solve the puzzle.

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