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Introducing the Dual Dial

Dual Dial - Custom printed and available at The Game Crafter

Introducing the Dual Dial. This new dial makes it easy to track 2 stats at once, or to track large stats up to 100. Entirely custom printed, assembled, and shipped to you like all of our components. Download the template and make your own at The Game Crafter. Enjoy!

Time Challenge Winner Announced!

Oaxaca from Undine Games is the winner of the The Game Crafter's Time Challenge. This is the second win for Ben Haskett, and only the second time in history we’ve had a repeat victor. Our guest judge, Mark Major, was the other. Our guest judge, Mark Major, left an impressive array of comments for all the finalists.

Board game day dream 001 - The subject in question

Swimming pool clock. Picture by

Hey again. As promised, I will try to post a new episode regularly. This one will address the game I was first designing, what it has become now and what concerns and visions I have with it.


In my last blog, I talked about the 2 rules of game design: 1) K.I.S.S. and 2) use available resources.

By "using available resources" I really mean "steal"

The game industry is a unique beast. It's not like products or stories where ideas are shielded and using someone's idea will get you a nice visit from "sue". The game industry thrives on the exchange and manipulation of these ideas.

But you say, why are there lawsuits regarding games?

Ideas can certainly be copyrighted, but it's the EXPRESSION of those ideas that people go to court over.


My personal mentor, Alan Emrich, taught me 2 rules of game design, apparently as mentioned by Jim F. Dunnigan, a famous war-game analyst and war game designer. These are:

1) Use Available Resources (steal)

2) K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid)

It resonates through everything I do as a game designer. Is the game idea "stealing" with good judgement? Is it a "me too" kind of game? Are there too many other games like it? Is it too complicated? Can it be streamlined? Can the game do without this feature?

Board game day dream 000 – Hallo World!


Wow, okay. This is it. Here I am. The newest hatchling of our chicken mother 'Board Gaming'. Not able to do anything much except cooing and stagger along on my unsure feet.

Okay, stop that melodramatic nonsense noone wants to read!

Tradewars - Homeworld: Space Pirates expansion

In the process of thinking about the SOLO expansion scenario, I have re-hashed an old scenario concept I had.

I did not know how I was going to implement, I only knew that it was going to be that one (1) player was a Space Pirate and the opponents are trying to stop the Pirates from winning.

James Mathe joining Publisher Panel at Crafter Con

Crafter Con - Hosted by The Game Crafter

James Mathe, owner of Minion Games and the Game Universe retail stores, will sit on our publisher panel at Crafter Con. Just one more great reason why you should attend!

The Game Crafter announces new urgent queue for printing games quickly!

Ever since we launched The Game Crafter, people have been asking (some pleading, and others demanding) that we offer an urgent production queue. Sometimes it’s for a last minute birthday / wedding / christmas present. Other times it’s for a class project. And other times they’ve made some last minute changes before going to a game convention. Whatever the case we’re pleased to announce that we are offering an urgent queue.

Tradewars - Homeworld: New resources

Currently as of this writing the game only has three (3) resources:

  • Food
  • Minerals
  • Technology

However thinking about the *new* SOLO scenario that will be bundled with the game's next expansion, I think this revised list might be more appropriate:

  • Alloy
  • Contraband
  • Food
  • Isotopes
  • Medicine
  • Minerals
  • Polymers
  • Technology
  • Weaponry
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