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List Of Publishers

This is an introductory list of contact information for publishers and their current status on accepting submissions. Below you will find multiple sections containing publishers who are current seeking submissions, require you to write more more info, only accept games through an agent or broker and not current accepting submissions.

These sections will be updated as new publishers are added or as the status of current publishers changes (Last update: 5 December 2017).


Amigo Spiel
Site in German: Information about submission can be found by going to Amigo Spiel and reading the pdf located here.

Atlas Games
Submission Info:

dV Giochi
From their site: "Each year dV Giochi publishes the winner of the "GIOCO INEDITO" best unpublished game contest. The designers have to send a prototype in compliance with the contest specifications (e.g., 110 cards, a given theme, reasonable game length, etc.). The winner is then published with the sponsorship of Cartamundi (world leader manufacturer of playing cards), and launched during the Essen and Lucca fairs - as a real "classic" for collectors."

FRED Distribution
To get the process started, please send them a brief description of your game via e-mail. Also please read their pdf located here.

Send an e-mail to Jason Schneider (VP, Product Development) specifying the following information:

  • Game title and theme.
  • Number of players.
  • Suggested age range.
  • Components.
  • Rules overview.
  • Unique features.
  • Play test results (if applicable).

Because of their high volume of submissions they cannot say how long it will take to respond. Nevertheless they do review each and every submission.

Hans im Glück
Mostly German site with English list of game aids.
Couldn't find English page specifically stating that they are accepting submissions.

The German page is:

An e-mail is provided: e-mail.

Send game rules (in PDF file format less than 5MB) and a photo of the game. Accepting criteria of 2 games per month from each designer.

Kenzer & Company
Submissions Info:

Kosmos Games
Submissions Info:

For childrens games ages 5+ (even 3+) you may use this e-mail.
For family games ages 10+ (even 8+) you may use this e-mail.

Mayfair Games
Submissions Info:

Minion Games
Setup an appointment with James Mathe at one of the following events to demo your game to him in person: GTS, Origins, Protospiel- Ann Arbor, GenCon, Protospiel- Milwaukee, Essen, BGG.CON.

Playroom Entertainment
Please follow the following submission guidelines: "Please send us a basic description and overview of your game idea (a sell sheet) to Submissions e-mail. Be sure to include:

  • Target market for game (age range, type of game player, similar product already on market if applicable).
  • Time needed to play.
  • Number of players.
  • Components.
  • Brief description of how to play and winning conditions.
  • A storyline or theme you suggest for the game.

Please take note that it could take 8 to 12 weeks for review.

Toy Vault
Submission info: send an e-mail to Submissions e-mail.

US Playing Card company, aka Bicycle Games
Submission info: Use this linked form (you will be able to attach a sell sheet, rules document, or link a video if you like).

Games they are interested in publishing include:

  • Party or Light Strategy Games
  • Low complexity and easy to teach
  • < 1 hour to play
  • Cards as a primary component of the game
  • Games designed for the modern-day mass market tabletop player with a focus on being a great vehicle for face to face social interaction.

Z-Man Games
Submission Info:
They are NOT looking for the following:

  • Educational.
  • Abstract.
  • Roll & Move.
  • Trivia.
  • Word.
  • Party.
  • Biblical.
  • Sport Simulation.

They say it could take weeks and sometimes months before getting a response.


Jolly Roger Games
No page specifically stating that they are accepting submissions. Their contact form is NOT working. The best way to contact is to CALL them by phone.


All Things Equal, Inc.
E-mail submit form does not work (errors out).

JKLM Games
E-mail bounced back, no other way to contact this Publisher.

North Star Games
*** Under Review ***
No explicit page indicating that they accept outside submissions.

Queen Games
*** Under Review ***
Site in German but has a contact form.

Rio Grande Games
*** Under Review ***
The only way to get Rio Grande to look at a game is to go see Jay at a convention, and you can demo your game for him there. They don't accept mail-in submissions.

Winning Moves (Germany)
*** Under Review ***
Submission Info:
BGDF member says they no longer accept submissions.


Winning Moves (USA)
Submission Info:

Wizards of the Coast/Avalon Hill
Submission Info:


Days of Wonder
Submission Info:

Fantasy Flight Games
Submissions Info: and according to Customer Service they are not accepting outside submissions (from Britty).

Live Oak Games
They are not accepting submissions (from Patrick Matthews).

Ravensburger Spieleverlag
From the response e-mail that I got, it seems like they are not accepting submissions (from Kristina Leu).

Steve Jackson Games
Submission Info:

Stronghold Games
They are not accepting submissions (from Stephen M. Buonocore).

Twilight Creations
Submission Info:


This is an amazingly helpful

This is an amazingly helpful resource. I am in the middle of refining my game for production and I am looking for manufacturers and publishers to send a pitch to.

Will you guys be updating this reference list for 2020?

Your help is greatly appreciated,


I went through this list when Rich Durham asked me to "fix it up" and try to consolidate the various lists of Publishers. And I spent the better part of a week doing so. The list may be a bit "out-dated"... I am currently very busy ... That I just can't give a week to update it...

Perhaps closer to summer...

But in reality, Rich and I were thinking about a more "OPEN" approach. We were talking about getting a Wiki set-up for Publishers where they could THEMSELVES "Edit" the information without needing me to do a formal review.

It's in the PLANs but not done yet.

With a Wiki, each Publisher would be responsible for updating their own entry in the Wiki ... And we could have an "easy" review process to ensure that the changes are accurate.

Because if we have like 200+ Publishers maintaining the list will become more and more difficult with more entries. But IF it was "self-managed" as I am explaining, it would just be a "review" process when a Publisher changes his/her way of submitting.

That's the best I can do... Cheers.

Aka QuestCCG
"Indie" Game Designer
BGDF Moderator — Publisher List

Thanks so much Kristopher, I

Thanks so much Kristopher,

I look forward to the Wiki becoming a reality, I know it could be a really powerful tool for all of us.
Thanks again for your response,


Please note that we cannot guarantee the VALIDITY of Publisher Links outside the ones you see on BGDF. We don't know how those other sites validate their links or IF they even have a policy for ensuring accuracy of those links.

While we would naturally want to grow our list of links - the administration of said links is a time consuming effort.

As such we aim to maintain accuracy of the existing links from the BGDF Publisher List. We also aim to "organically" grow the list - pending us moving to another format (think wiki) which will allow users to contribute while still having a moderator to "validate" additions.

In the meantime, I invite designers to consult the other LINKs ... with the goal of broadening one's horizons and getting into contact with the right Publisher for your next game!


Best Board Game Publishers in the World

Here is a LARGE list of over 250+ Publishers from around the World:

How to court a Publisher

Before making your submissions I also suggest you check out this blog explaining how to approach publishers.

Note: You can also find a LIST of publishers from this link also...

I thought Mayfair was out of

I thought Mayfair was out of business. Catan (and the people involved) spun off, the rest was shut down.

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