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If you are interested in Marketing a Blog, Website, Business or even a Kickstarter, BGDF now has a "flexible" Ad Program. Ads will be displayed in the Top Banner according to a simple caching mechanism.

If you are interested in having a Banner Ad, please send us an e-mail:

E-mail Us! or "questccg[at]hotmail[dot]com"

Here are the finer details concerning the Ad Program:

Monthly Banners

One (1) Banner Ad (1 Slot) for 30 days costs $20.00 USD.

What this means is that you have one "style" of Banner and you have one "directory entry" (ergo 1 Slot) which will last 30 days.

To explain the "Slot" principle, think of it as a "Raffle Ticket". The more Slots (or Tickets) you have, the higher the odds (probability) your ad will be shown.

One (1) Banner Ad (5 Slots) for 30 days costs $100.00 USD

This means that one "style" of Banner has FIVE (5) Slots and has Five times (5x) the chance of being displayed.

Two (2) Banner Ads (2 Slots) for 30 days costs $80.00 USD

This means that you would have TWO (2) "styles" of Banner and each one would have 2 Slots each and means that you have Four times (4x) the chance of being displayed.

Please note that you can specify any variation to suit your personal needs. If it's one (1) Banner Ad 5 Slots or five (5) Banner Ads 1 Slot each, you decide HOW you want to participate in our Ad Program.

(Updated: As of 2023 Spring Pricing)

Lifetime Banners

In addition, we are offering "Lifetime" Banners for a very reasonable price.

One (1) "Lifetime" Banner Ad (1 Slot) for $100.00 USD.

This means that your Ad will be available forever. However please note that this is for only one (1) Slot...

If you wish to promote your Banner Ad more, you may opt to buy more than one "Lifetime" Banner Ad (? Slots).

One (1) Banner Ad (5 Slots) for a lifetime cost $500.00 USD

This will ensure that your "Lifetime" Banner would have one (1) "style" of banner with FIVE (5) slots and you would have Five times (5x) the chance of being displayed.

All of the "Lifetime" Banner Ads are meant to last for a "lifetime". The exception is that IF the business is no longer in operations making the banner "stale" and out-dated, we reserve the right to remove such banners from our directory.

Also please note that when you buy and choose your "lifetime" Banner Ad, you cannot "change" it. It is permanent unless the banner becomes "stale". We are stating this to simplify the "management" of ads. Ergo we don't want people to choose a "lifetime" Banner Ad and then in a months time ask to change it to something else...

If you want to EDIT or change a "Lifetime" Banner Ad, you will need to re-pay the fee associated with the banner. So if you want us to SWAP say a single (1 Slot) "Lifetime" Banner Ad, we can do this ... however it will cost $100.00 USD (the normal price of a "Lifetime" Banner Ad per Slot).

Please take note that if you have ANY questions concerning the Ad Program, please feel free to e-mail us:

E-mail Us! or "questccg[at]hotmail[dot]com"

Why are we offering this???

I'm including a bit of an explanation for the Ad Program. The purpose of the Ad Program is to offer information to both our members and ANY visitors to the website with Board Game Related Content at a very reasonable price. We hope to grow the community of participants in the program to help pay for some of the costs in running

The monies will mainly go towards paying for the domain, privacy, backup storage, website hosting, etc. Since some plans are only ONE-TIME (like the "Lifetime" Banner Ads), that revenue will be used over time to pay for services relating to the operations of

We've established a few different PLANS to address marketing and advertising needs for "different individuals". The Monthly Plans are mostly for Kickstarters and businesses "outside" the Board Game Industry and then we have the Lifetime Plans for people "in-the-business".

Whichever you choose we say: "Thank you!"

Thanks for helping support the maintenance of

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