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Getting Started...

First of all: Welcome! The Board Game Designers Forum was first launched back in September 2002. The site has grown to nearly 12500 registered members, of which 600 are regularly active.

We heartily welcome anyone who is interested or involved in the creation of new board games -- BGDF is intended for all designers regardless of industry experience, from the "somewhat interested" hobbyist to the full-time published designer, BGDF is a place to share and promote future growth of board game industry!

The primary focus of the website is "board game design". While other topics such as CCGs, game reviews, etc. are discussed, the main goal is to keep any topic focused on design related aspects.

To get you started ...

* ... be sure to check out the content pages for information about Game Design and Copyright & Patents.

* ... have a question? Join in the current discussions going on within the Forums (or feel free to simply lurk there, if you're on the shy side).

* ... check into the community-related things we have going on, such as the Game Design Showdown. Please note that the Game Design Showdown is no longer active. All previous thread for historical purposes are made available but there are no new showdowns for the time being...

However you make use of the Board Games Designers Forum, we hope you find it a useful and enjoyable place.

BGDF is primarly self-policed. However, if you have trouble that needs moderation please send a Private Message to one of these users with admin abilities:

- questccg (Your HOST, Admin and Mod)

Note: New Users please note that it may take 1 WEEK before your account is validated and activated. You will receive an e-mail confirming your successful activation. We do this to counter spam bots and we ask that for the quickest validation to share with us YOUR NAME and WHY you want to join Cheers!

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