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Please take a moment to start a thread introducing yourself in this Welcome forum. Tell us what brings you here to BGDF, what games you might be working on, or any questions you have in particular about game design, prototyping, or publishing. Please also note that there are many posts about these topics in the fora already which you may find very helpful!

[GDS] DECEMBER 2014 "MSP-Games' Micro-game Challenge"

Round 2 voting begins!

First round of votes are in, and my lay-over in LAX supplied the necessary wifi for an update. Now it's time to vote for the latter half of the entries - and remember, if you voted in the first half, you should vote again in the second. Even if you didn't enter the contest you can vote!

The results from the first round will be posted in the critiques thread.

[GDS] NOVEMBER 2014 "Empires in autumn"

We have a winner: Geoengineering 101 by firstcultural

It was a close race this month, with 2nd and 3rd tying only 2 points behind. Congratulations go to those entries and designers

Mystic Fog and Dynasty by anthiasgames and Ruy343, respectively.

Now head on over to the critiques thread to check out the feedback schedule!

[GDS] OCTOBER 2014 "Thinking inside the box"

We have a winner!


by andymorris

Followed closely by:
Heistronic by mulletsquirrel
Camera Obscura by BubbleChucks

Themes and games are all over the place; congrats to all our participants! Join us in the Thinking Inside the Box Critiques thread for full results and discussion on this month's entries.

[GDS] SEPTEMBER 2014 "Stand up Games"

We have a winner!

Digger, Trader, Conqueror

by richdurham

Followed closely by:
I'm Waiting by kevnburg
TAGGED by anonymousmagic

Congrats to all our participants! Join us in the Stand Up Games Critique thread for full results and discussion on this month's entries.

[GDS] AUGUST 2014 "Immortal in Time"

August 2014 "Immortal in time"

We have a winner!

Ritual Statue Building

Congratulations to the winner, now let's head over to the critiques area for a discussion!

[GDS] JULY 2014 "This Game is Stacked"

July 2014 "This Game is Stacked"

We have a winner!

Stack Skirmish by JewellGames!

Also congratulations to the 2nd and 3rd place entries:

  • 1st - Stack Skirmish by JewellGames
  • 2nd - Workload by kevinburg
  • 3rd - High-rise by nazcagames

Now get on over to the critiques thread and leave your feedback

[GDS] JUNE 2014 "The Play's the Thing"

We have a winner!

Six Kingdoms

A difficult task comes to a close, and thank you to all our entrants! Full results are posted in the usual place, and each game will get some dedicated discussion in the coming days. Now head over to the critiques forum to view the schedule and share your observations!

[GDS] MAY 2014 "I Believe"

May GDS "I Believe"

We have a winner!

The Reformers

The gold medal goes to "The Reformers". Silver medal goes to "Avignon". Bronze medal goes to "Jesus Christ!".

Big thanks to everyone who made this month and overwhelming well of good entries. Full results are posted into the critiques thread, so let's get some feedback going!

Entries are posted!

There are a whopping 22 entries this month, leaving many deserving of your attention. In other words, take it slow this week in reading the entries.

When you're ready to vote, submit your votes using this form.

You have until the end of May 15th to submit your votes! Also remember that any BGDF member can vote; not just the contestants.

Good luck to all the contestants!

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