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Game Journals


Aug 16 Wrenna Dev Journal #5: About Those Re-Jigged Points Submitted by senorParadoja
Aug 16 Wrenna Dev Journal #4: Iteration and iteration and iteration creeps in this petty pace… Submitted by senorParadoja
Aug 14 Wrenna Dev Journal #3: Starting Small Submitted by senorParadoja
Aug 13 Wrenna Dev Journal #2: Origins Submitted by senorParadoja
Aug 13 Wrenna Dev Journal #1: Introduction Submitted by senorParadoja
Jul 13 The Drake Machine Submitted by blamehound
Mar 26 Nightlancer FUNDED on Kickstarter Submitted by adversitygames


Jul 14 War of the Worlds game: Player factions Submitted by ceethreepio
Jun 16 War of the Worlds game: more players? Submitted by ceethreepio
Jun 7 ISEG: General Notes Submitted by let-off studios
Jun 7 International Shipping Educational Game Submitted by let-off studios
May 2 War of the Worlds game: Fixing the Earthlings Submitted by ceethreepio
Apr 19 War of the Worlds game: Crashing to Earth Submitted by ceethreepio
Apr 16 War of the Worlds game: Concrete rules for the 1st implementation Submitted by ceethreepio
Apr 15 War of the Worlds game: Mechanics Versus Theme Submitted by ceethreepio


Aug 19 Unfolded Submitted by Chad Russell
Jun 4 Wordpool: simple conversational card game for anyone Submitted by owengall
Apr 29 Deliverance: a Heaven vs Hell Dungeon Crawler Submitted by Lowenhigh
Apr 26 My Week with the Cartel Submitted by BigSalGames
Apr 18 Axis Mundi Submitted by peterthull
Feb 26 SPACE SCAVENGERS - Winter 2018 Submitted by let-off studios


Nov 11 Asteroid19 Submitted by drumingrules
Oct 30 Scavengers - Autumn 2017 Submitted by let-off studios
Oct 28 Just Because Games - M.A.D. Submitted by joebergmann
Oct 16 Water Action Breakdown Submitted by Tbone
Oct 14 Parade Day--I Love a Parade Redux Submitted by davidwpa
Oct 11 Plant Action Breakdown  Submitted by Tbone
Oct 9 GameCon - First Journal Entry Submitted by WinsmithGames
Oct 1 Testing Log (Pillars of Society) Submitted by Tbone
Sep 27 Card Design Submitted by Tbone
Sep 27 Just Because Games - City Park Submitted by joebergmann
Sep 26 Pillars of Society Submitted by Tbone
Sep 25 Moving from spreadsheet to card design Submitted by ernesto
Sep 16 BGG Mint Tin Contest Submitted by Tbone
Sep 12 Island Apocalypse  Submitted by Tbone
Sep 12 Sabriel - Inspired Co-op Submitted by anubite56
Sep 9 Beta Test Log Submitted by Tbone
Sep 9 Alpha Test Log Submitted by Tbone
Sep 7 Possible Expansions Submitted by Tbone
Aug 18 Theme Development (Card Design Change) Submitted by Tbone
Aug 15 Alpha Phase Complete Submitted by Tbone
Aug 3 The Final Reformation Submitted by Tbone
Jul 31 Card Breakdown Submitted by Tbone
Jul 5 Entry 1. Jousting Board Game Journal - Ideas and Criticism welcome Submitted by Crumpet22
Jun 26 Miltsve: The TCG/Combat simulator/resources experience. Submitted by Zweiterversuch
Jun 19 Horseman's Chess - PnP Submitted by FrankM
Jun 16 The 12 Towers [4th edition prototype] PvP, Strategy Submitted by CrosswindsGaming
Jun 13 Privateer: War of the High Seas -- New Game Project! Submitted by Actionartist
Jun 8 Untitled Civ Builder (Major Customization) Submitted by soundslikeayouproblem
Jun 7 Reel Remakes (Working Title) Submitted by WineScar
Jun 7 Quaff for knowledge (working title) Submitted by WineScar
Jun 7 Dead Mans Draw Poker (working title) Submitted by WineScar
Jun 6 Rolling Sushi Rolls Submitted by WineScar
Jun 6 Scavengers - Spring 2017 Submitted by let-off studios
May 26 WIP Mutually Assured Dicestruction *Manhattan Project Dice Game Contest* Submitted by JimGamble
May 3 Treasure Map Submitted by keith.brandsma
Apr 24 Lost in Migration Submitted by entwater
Apr 20 Pillars of Civilization: Military rework Submitted by Tbone
Apr 19 Fox in the Henhouse updated rules and video link Submitted by The Odd Fox
Apr 15 GHOST SHIP - A game of adventure, salvage, betrayal, and space! Submitted by The_Blue_Wizard
Apr 14 Horseman's Chess - Revised PnP Submitted by FrankM
Apr 13 Combat System Help Submitted by Tbone
Apr 7 Horseman's Chess Submitted by FrankM
Mar 2 "I'd rather have us all lose than see you win" Co-op Issue. Submitted by Tbone
Feb 27 Fox in the Henhouse feedback from Cardboard Edison Submitted by The Odd Fox
Feb 23 Dice + RPS combat system Submitted by Tbone
Feb 12 Fetch - PnP Tryout version Submitted by FreedomPortal
Jan 25 Iconography for Fox in the Henhouse Submitted by The Odd Fox
Jan 24 Fox in the Henhouse Submitted by The Odd Fox
Jan 23 The Road Submitted by Tbone
Jan 3 Ramparts, Pens & Swords - The English Submitted by Saratar


Dec 18 castlepunk themed RPG board game: Turbodark Submitted by David Kay
Dec 15 Ramparts, Pens & Swords - Rules Refined Submitted by Saratar
Dec 13 Ramparts, Pens & Swords - Board Design Submitted by Saratar
Dec 7 Ramparts, Pens & Swords - First Posting Submitted by Saratar
Nov 8 Fetch - Game rules (short version) Submitted by FreedomPortal
Nov 3 6A:JT - Anatomy of a Case Card Submitted by WikkedWood
Nov 2 Sixth Amenment: Jury Trial aka We the Jury Submitted by WikkedWood
Oct 23 Revenge of the Mummy (Nightfall) Development Continues Submitted by mcobb83
Oct 7 Nightfall (Revenge of the Mummy) #6 Submitted by mcobb83
Oct 4 Nightlancer is now live on Kickstarter Submitted by adversitygames
Sep 21 Revenge of the Mummy #5 Submitted by mcobb83
Sep 7 Journal: Revenge of the Mummy #4 Submitted by mcobb83
Sep 6 Cows vs Sheep - from abstract to theme Submitted by Tedthebug
Aug 31 Journal: Revenge of the Mummy #3 Submitted by mcobb83
Aug 27 Journal: Revenge of the Mummy #2 Submitted by mcobb83
Aug 27 Journal: Revenge of the Mummy (personal challenge!) Submitted by mcobb83
Aug 26 Nightlancer Kickstarter page preview, looking for feedback (updated) Submitted by adversitygames
Aug 23 Nightlancer prototype review by @TheAngelOfDice Submitted by adversitygames
Jul 25 Tornado Alley Submitted by keith.brandsma
Jul 6 Nightlancer prototype review from @BigGrumpyGamer Submitted by adversitygames
Jun 21 Elements Game for Preschoolers & Busy Parents Submitted by Everyday Games
May 31 Nightlancer v19 prototype rulebook Submitted by adversitygames
May 25 Nightlancer prototype v19 from The Games Crafter Submitted by adversitygames
May 20 Scavengers - PnP Submitted by let-off studios
May 15 The Cheese Board Game Submitted by jonny muir
May 8 PROJECT: Mammoth Vein Submitted by davidwpa
Apr 27 Scavengers Submitted by let-off studios
Apr 12 Dark Wall Destiny Submitted by RGarner71
Mar 4 Corridors of Power: A Political Strategy Game Submitted by Lister00

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