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Dungeon hack'n'slash Beta

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I've had this simmering on the back burner for a few years, and finally decided to tie up the loose ends and kick out a Beta.

Basically you and up to three other players run around a dungeon, slaying monsters and/or each other, looting willy-nilly, and blowing your hard-earned XP on stat upgrades and new skills, in an effort to get 5 points by collecting flags (yes, the most pasted-on goal ever... if I get around to it, I'll probably change those to 'relics' or 'artifacts' or something) and killing dragons.

I wouldn't say it's a masterpiece but I'm not ashamed of how it turned out. The rules probably aren't as clear as they could be, especially on some of the item, skill, and action cards.

The design goal was to have a generic-fantasy-theme game with lots of quick, cheap violence, XP-based character advancement, and emergent player conflict. I think it does the last job, definitely the hardest part, although in a rough way- the conflict comes from trying to kill a monster or grab a chest or flag before another player does, mainly. You can attack other players, but it takes a while and the payoff is hardly worth the effort.

It's not very well playtested, so if you print and glue it up and have a game, let me know everything. Otherwise, it's free and public domain and all that jazz.

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