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Here's the art - now you create the rules.

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Project WTactics aims to become a great open source legal community ran customizable cardgame (ccg). We already have excellent looking artwork. "All we need" is somebody to figure out a good rule set for the game...

Is that you? Do you have the mind that's required to create a strategical yet easy to play CCG? Want to help others or start on your own? Great! Head over to >>

Read the FAQ and everything else on there, and drop questions in here or via e-mail.

Please notice: The image is a mock-up and a work copy. It would of course look differently if you developed the rules - what text/values and how many etc you use is up to you. We will adjust the template however you need.

What are you waiting for? Contact us already. Only way to make this happen is by doing it yourself. ;)

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