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I have a wild idea for a game

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monkey man
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I have a wild idea for a game.

It can be played by as many people as want to play.
We design a game from scratch and post it on thegamecrafter.
No paramaaters about style or substance.
All entries must be posted before march 15th 2010.

Whoever sells the most games in 90 days wins!

I know this is over simplified but would anybody be interestd in playing this game?

Maybe the concept will be to make a low price game so it sells well, or something with killer graphics or a hilarious title to grab attenetion.

Thsi is where i think it can get fun, what will sell better, title, artwork, price, overall game concept? Who knows?

Maybe everybody could put in like $10.00 and the winner takes all.

Any Thoughts?

Monkey Man

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