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10" x 10" Chipboard Game Boards Now Available at The Game Crafter

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10" x 10" Chipboard Game Board Now Available at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce the Large Square Board. They cost $6.49 each and are printed full color and full bleed on 60 point chipboard stock. They measure 10x10 inches and are one sided; the backs are raw chipboard, which provides a non-sliding surface that grips the table. They also do not have wrapped edges so you can put them together like large tiles and make a game board that is as big as you want!

Since they are exactly the same size as our Large Square Mat, it’s an easy upgrade between the two. This new product is the first of our Shrink Wrap Indiegogo Campaign’s printed perks. Members of The Game Crafter community and other contributors made this possible, and they deserve all our gratitude.

Download the template and get started today. Enjoy!

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