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Battlefields TCG, World at War - Print & Play!

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I didn't know where to post this so the prototyping forum seemed a good place since - the game I am presenting is mostly a prototype and might serve as a decent example too.

I am a bachelor in game development (although I am looking to be a game designer) and while I am looking for a job still (graduated a few months ago) I am spending my time working on a blog of mine and making games. The most recent game I made is a TCG that anyone may print and play. If you wish to see what its all about check out my blog - you can download it from there.

If anyone would like to do a project with me I would be happy to! You will find the Battlefields TCG archive attached to this post. I hope you enjoy the stuff I do on my blog and I am looking forward to any questions or suggestions.

If I posted in the wrong place I am sorry and feel free to move the topic to the appropriate forum.

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