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Cost of War prototype, recieve free copy of game

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Board - Cost of War
Building Cost - Cost of War
Improve Economy - Cost of War

What we Want?
Get a Free copy of our game, play with friends and tell us what you think about the game.

What you get?
Free prototype. Play tester who provide feedback will be given a free copy of game when published. Will also be given credit for their feedback in the published work by naming them as a contributor, and we will have fun giveaways to our play tester once game is generating revenue.

What is the game like?
We have developed a prototype for our game which is best summarized as chess meets Settlers of Catan, but has military focus similar to Risk or Battle Cry, Have you played any/all of these games? do you enjoy them? Its a 2 to 4 player game, which last between 1 hour to 3 hours, although a typical game is 2 hours once you get the hang of rules.

Game Box, see attached.

Basic Game Summary: How the Game is played

The Cost of War is a two to four player chess-like strategy game which allows players to attack their enemy’s soldiers, civilian population, and/or city infrastructure. The 8 x 8 chess-like grid is made of 3 x 3 inch square resource tile which produces steel, food, and currency, as well as natural land defense tiles water and desert. Each turn allows one of two game choices (1)battle or (2)improve economy. The civilian population produces the steel, food, and currency which allow players the option of building city improvements and/or producing more soldiers/civilians. Winning is a combination of dice rolls and decision making. Victory points are gained through killing enemy population, building a city capital, being the peace maker, or conquering enemy land. No one strategy wins the game but is a combination of several of the victory points to win.

Prototype Game Board, Box and Artwork

Selection of Playtesters
Anyone with interest to become a play tester please send me a message, within 1 week we will have several prototypes ready for shipment. We have a limited quantity to ship as each prototype is a cost to us of approx $50 each. We expect critical feedback and we ask the prototypes get shipped back to us once play testing is completed after 2 month, at our cost for shipping. Please note anyone who assist in the play testing phase will be given 1 free copy of finished product if/when we reach our pledge goal on kickstarter, crowdfunding, et al. Please be advised we can not send a prototype to everyone who ask, we will only be able to select a handful of individuals. Please do not get upset if you are not selected on first round and we will try to get more prototypes sent around after more feedback.

Appreciate your interest.

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