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Game Components - Sculptor needed!

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Hey guys. RED is going pretty fine on TGC. After my first prototype comes in the mail I'll have this up for sale, along with a link to my blog where the free PDF version (with the updated art assets) can be printed.

While I'm waiting I'm doing some thinking on what my next project should be. I've written before that I wanted to either do a racing game or a dungeon crawler of some sort...though those would be my next "bigger" projects. RED took me a few years of revising and reworking I want to make something before I make that kind of solo commitment again.

I have two smaller ideas in the works. Both of which based on two games I've played a ton of growing up. Spades, and Chess.

The Chess-like game I wanted to actually make the pieces instead of using tiles. Do any of you know a service or website that makes pieces like these for boardgames?

This looks like something I'd jump on Kickstarter to fund. Before that I have to know where to look!

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