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Laser cut dice - woot!

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I've been ballyhooing Steve Jones over at BLUE PANTHER periodically [mentioning his fine work on my EXPRESS LINE], but I thought it would be prudent of me [since EXPRESS LINE was 5 years ago] to give you all a look at my new dice-only game... errrr... I mean, Steve's latest work for me. ;-)

He's currently working on a batch of 16mm dice I sent him and was good enough to send me a pic of the first four off the laser - not only are they better than I had hoped, a bonus came through. The blank dice are black - but after being cut, the outer black layer reveals a white core, which means I don't have to worry about inking these to make them look sharp.

I don't know how deep the colored outer shell is [it may only be a layer of paint/lacquer], but it is worthy to note when considering which dice to get cut.

Woot! I think I finally figured out how to add a picture to my post! [it's there in the preview - if you don't see it, look in the images]

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