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Multideck card prototyping app for Mac - beta test / free trial

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Multideck v4.0 is now available for beta test, and we are looking for testers.

Multideck is a Macintosh application for creating custom card decks for your game prototypes. It is a powerful, full-featured, and fast way to lay out cards and specify card content. You can print your decks, create PDF files to distribute for PnP, or export digital files for uploading to print-on-demand and virtual gaming sites, and to create card images for your manuals and advertising.

For more information on the current release, visit There's also a good discussion in the Multideck Users Guild on BGG.

For the duration of the test period (at least through January 2024) you can try out Multideck without limitations or obligations and without spending a penny. The beta versions will stop working at some point after we ship v4.0, and then you can either stop using Multideck or decide to purchase through the App Store. Either way, you keep any card decks you have created and may use them as you wish.

Multideck requires any Apple Macintosh computer running macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or later. We're sorry, but Multideck is not available for Microsoft Windows or Linux.

This is a beta test. The app may contain bugs, and you can help us fix them by reporting them to us via Apple's TestFlight app.

How to Join the Beta Test
First, install TestFlight. Use this link or visit the Apple App Store on your Mac and search for TestFlight. TestFlight is free: just go ahead and install it.

Then click this link:
The TestFlight app should launch, and (after you accept the usual terms and conditions) show you a button to download and install Multideck 4.0.

And now you're ready to start using the new Multideck! Use the TestFlight app to report any problems you have: there's an easy interface for sending me messages, and you can include screenshots if you wish.

As we find and fix bugs, new beta versions may appear. TestFlight will notify you so you can download the updates.


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