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Revising an Old Game idea

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So recently Kickstarter has opened it’s doors to Canadians making projects on there. I decided to revise and re-work an old project I had a lot of faith in but never quite completed but figured I’d let you guys tell me if it sounds interesting enough to pursue.

A deck of resource cards 4 different suits, number 2-6 then 3 “face” cards and 1 ace are shuffled and dealt out to all the players. Then the room deck is shuffled and 5 cards are laid out in front of the players, deck-building style, same is done with the superheroes/supervillains and so on.

Once this is all set up, the players draw cards from the environment until a location is revealed. Once each player buys two rooms and a hero, All the civilians and henchmen are lined up and the battle begins.

Starting with the first player. Players will begin building their rooms which will give them a passive effect and give them the ability to pull a Super. Supers are required to gain points in the game, the idea is that you are the head of a superpowered people organization that prevents superpowered villainy and crime for the almighty dollar, kinda like a superpowered Blackwater. You gain points by saving civilians, and jailing thugs, killing thugs does NOT earn you anything. Battle is done by playing a hero, then using one of your resource cards and adding the number to your base value and seeing who wins, each number may only be used once. Playing a face card will reset the ones you have available but will discard that card for good. A face card will beat any number (think of it as a critical hit) but a ace will beat a face card. The idea is that you send your people in, try to save and arrest as many people as you can, but while you’re doing this, your enemies might be trying very fiercely to sabotage your base. No base = no heroes. Already used values can be used to defend, but they can’t be repeated when attacking. There are 3 different types of supers you can buy, hero, rogues, villainous. Supers with Hero tendencies will not room beside villainous ones and vice versa, rogues will go anywhere. That’s kind a part of the fun, figuring out how you can squeeze the best combo out of all your people. Sorry, I’m rambling

Every turn you may perform two actions. That can be having your hero attack/use a power, purchase something, or anything else of the sort.

Once the supervillain is beaten, the game is over and points are counted and a winner is declared.

This was all a bit rushed. Ask your questions, I will be more concise on a later date where I have more free time.

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