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New Contest: Meta-Progression Game Design Challenge

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The Game Crafter - Board Game Design Contest - Meta-Progression Community Challenge

NEW CONTEST: The Meta-Progression Game Design Challenge is a chance to design a game in which the players may replay the game again and again with some advantage or tweak that they didn’t have the last time. Each play may be a new experience without the need to irreparably alter components like a legacy game or create a set of new missions, stories, or maps like a campaign. Imagine a cooperative game that gets harder each time it is won, or a quick racing game that allows players to spend their winnings to change parts on their car between races, or a sports game where players can manage their team and draft better talent between kick-offs.

The possibilities are endless and it's up to the player to decide how they want to shape their experience. Enter now and push the boundaries of what a game can be!

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