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Hello Everyone,

A simple first "post" whilst I explore and learn my way round this new (2me) site. By the way, I speak 3 languages so replies in Spanish French or English are fine.

If anyone out there is an english-speaking card game player, could you please check, by clicking "Link 1", if my, (french into english), translation of my friend, Xavier's, card game rules is clear and understandable. IE:I simply need to know if it: "Makes sense to native english speakers"

For a "free", (there are printing costs... ), "Print And Play" version of the cards to go with my rules please click on "Link 2".

For Xaviers game at a "Print on Demand site", please click on Link 3, tho' I'm guessing that won't be necessary to evaluate my set of rules... I hope :)

Link 1:
Link 2:
Link 3:

Lastly, I hope this sort of post is OK on this thread? It's my first, as you know, before exploring, so if I've trod on anyones wotsits, my apologies... cheers all! and thx for your time! P.


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