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Infinite - RPG TCG.

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NOTE: I am not looking for criticism on the idea or premise of the game but rather the structure of it. I do realise that combat TCGs have been done to death but it can't be ignored that combat TCGs are one of the most succesful types, M:TG, Yugioh, Pokemon to reference a few. The following game is also based heavily on an RPG Stat Style system but while status'es such as Dexitery, A Seperate defense for magic and other such would be exciting concepts to add to the main game, I would rather not overload it with such stats.


*If I say Graveyard, I mean discard pile. I seem to have grown accustomed to the graveyard title due to the terminology of the Yugioh Card Game.

These are the rules for the trading card game “Infinite”. Each Starter deck should contain a 40 Card Deck along with 1 additional Character card.

Each Character Card has HP (Health Points). The Aim of this game is to reduce your opponents Characters HP to 0, through the act of battle. When your opponent has only Characters with 0 HP you win. When you only have Characters left with 0 HP you lose.

Characters also have an ATK Stat and a DEF Stat. Each Character can attack only once during their respective players turn (i.e your characters can only attack during your turn and your opponents characters can only attack during their turn).

When you wish to initiate a battle, You select your character and you select your opponents character. You then compare the defending characters DEF with the offending Characters ATK. The difference (if the ATK is greater then the DEF) is then subtracted from the defending characters HP.

Characters can also make use of Ability, Equipment, and Item cards. Along with Event and Loot Cards.

Item Cards;
Item Cards are used to often affect either Character such as “Potion” which restores Characters HP. Item cards can be used by any Class of Character but they require Gold to be paid as a Cost.

Loot Cards;
Loot Cards are used to gain Gold to pay for other Cards; Before you gain the Gold from the effect of the Loot Card, you must perform an action, known as a “Task” that is written on the Loot Card.

Event Cards;

Event Cards are cards that have no direct effect on the Character but are used to change the enviroment of the game itself (such as an Event Card that Stops players from attacking for a number of turns.)

Event Cards have Subtypes which are the following

Normal – Can be used during your Main Phase. Is Sent to the Discard Pile after resolution.

Constant – Can be activated during your Main Phase. It has an effect that lasts for an “X” amount of turns. Each Player can only have 1 Constant Event in play at once.

Response – Can only be used in Response to an action. Is sent the graveyard after resolution. Response cards are the only cards which are Speed 2 and therefore they only ones that can be chained to either Speed 1 or Speed 2 Cards and of effects.

Single – Acts like a normal Event Card but only 1 can be activated each turn.

Ability Cards;
Ability Cards can only be used by Characters that share the same class with the particular Ability Card. In addition to this Ability Cards also cost AP (Ability Points). The AP stat of Characters can be found under their HP Stat.

Ability Cards like Event Cards have Sub-Types. An Ability Card doesn’t have a Constant Subtype, instead it has a Battle Subtype which means it is activated during the battlephase and the Character who is using the said Ability can’t attack that turn.

Equipment Cards;
Equipment Cards like Item Cards require Gold to be paid. Like Ability cards as well they require to share the same Class as the equipped character. Each Equipment also has a durability rate. When a durability rate reaches 0, the equipped card is sent to the discard pile. Durability rates lower in different ways depending on which equipment it’s a part of.

There are three different types of equipment; Offensive, Defensive and Accessory.

Offensive Equipment focuses on increasing the equipped Characters ATK. Sometimes to compensate for a large increase it might decrease the Characters DEF. Each time a Character attacks with an offensive equipment on them, that offensive equipment loses 1 Durability.

Defensive Equipment acts in an opposite manner, it increases the equipped Characters DEF and sometimes decrease the Characters ATK. Each time a Character defends while equipped with a defensive equipment, that equipment loses 1 durability.

Accesory Equipments focus on changing a Characters HP and or AP. It also has an effect that can be activated. Each time an accesory uses that effect it loses 1 Durability.

Each Character can only be equipped with 1 of each of the above unless otherwise stated.

Some Equipment has the ability known as “Starting Equipment”. This means that the equipment can be equipped before the start of the battle free of cost.


Each Player starts with 1000 Gold and 5 Cards in hand. Your Character should be face down on the field. Neither player can attack during their first turn. You draw a card each time your turn starts.

Some Equipment has the ability known as “Starting Equipment”. This means that the equipment can be equipped before the start of the battle free of cost. (These are also placed face-down). When both players are prepared they flip all their face down cards face up.

The Phases of the turn are as the following;

Draw Phase – You Draw a Card.

Standby Phase – You gain 200 Gold as a “Wage”. Some Constant Effects might also activate here.

Main Phase – You can activate Loot, Item cards. You can equip Characters. You can activate Events and Abilitys (except for Response or Battle).

Battle Phase – You can have your Characters Attack or activate a Battle Ability.

End Phase – Some Constant Effects might activate here.

You then move to your opponents turn.

Also while I'm not making any definite promise, If you wish to be a part of this project you can PM me for further details. (Programmers and Painters mainly needed). If Mods are against this little notice I have no argument about it being edited out.

I hope you enjoy this,
The Red Mage

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