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Hello! I am, admittedly, just getting started on a game, but it involves a lot of research to create, as it is based on historical facts, so I wanted to have a few folks check it out first to give me an idea of if it is worthwhile pursuing. The basic premise is to see how well you know historical percentages and the general American public, by asking a series of questions where the answers are always percentages, and the answers for each round always add up to 100%, even though the questions for each round are unrelated. I have linked to rules, a scoring sheet, and 10 sample cards so the game could be played twice by anyone interested. I think this game would be most appealing to players who like games like Wits and Wagers.

It is best to shuffle the cards first when playing. I would love to hear feedback, either in this post, or emailed to me at

If you want to try it out, you can print the documents in this google drive folder:

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