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Update: Dymino Monsters

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Well its been quite some time that I have added something for Dymino Monsters.

Here are the updates for the game.

We have decided to take out 5 titles to the first novel that doesn't belong to our current storyline. Here are those titles.

1) Dimension Kings.
2) Creatures from Meehalyz.
3) Altered Era.
4) HyWynd Storm Seekers.
5) Pandora's Box Enhancements.

Now for number 5. Its still in the game but it really isn't a chapter title. It is on the list of titles to keep a track of decks.

So the first novel will have 35 chapters. And this is a good thing. Its not that we won't have enough ideas and suggestions for the material for the rest of the other chapters, I am basing it on storyline material that is irrelevant.

Two more titles that are on the list are also not considered titles for the first novel. Here they are.

1) World Atlas

2) Rygar's Knights.

Information on World Atlas cards with be available on the back of these cards. Characters in the storyline will need to find the regions chartographer. They can hand in a collection of monsters, money or run a mission to obtain such map cards.

Rygar's knights is based off of King John Rygar's knight. He sends out his youngest and only son to acquire help from allies and assistance from the Rygar kingdom and from foreign lands. So in reality Rygar's Knights is a chapter but this is through out the course of the entire novel series.

There are a total of 43 chapters for the first novel.

Saturday, Halloween Night,my cousin has said that he may know of an artist who can help us with the art work for our game. Nothing is set yet. We will keep you all updated with the latest updates and news that has been talked behind "close doors" so to speak. Our first artist has have life set backs and we thanked him for giving us a try as a partner for the team and in the project we are working so hard for.

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