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Game Designer looking for Input soon!

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Joined: 12/03/2015

Hello! My Name is Maxwell, and I'm working on a pair of projects currently. I'll be posting the rules for one, and give updates on the other as I progress more on it.

The first game is a wargame-esque card and arena game. The basic breakdown is that you use cards to build a champion with points the same way you would build your army in a wargame, and use it to fight the other player's champions in an gladiatorial style arena. Since all the players are shapeshifters, you can adapt mid-game to evolve better equipment or augments in order to have a better fighting chance against the remaining players, by salvaging or evolving one of their cards into your own champion. Because the point allocation is only relevant when constructing your original champion, players that play well will evolve into more powerful combatants later in the game, making the later play more intense. This is the game that I have an early set of rules for, and plan to post soon, as soon as I have a synopsis written up to better describe gameplay.

The second game I am working on is a space based survival and resource management game. You and your fellow players are all colonists exiled from your home planet and forced to start again, starting the game with only a generation ship, and eventually working your way into a new empire, challenging other players for control of the planets and resources near your new homeworld. This is a relatively new project, so I have only a few ideas for how I want mechanics to work planned out, and will be working on it in my spare time, in order to post when I feel it is a good enough rough draft that it will make sense to people who aren't telepathic in order to read my mind. :)

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