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Game Developer / Illustrator / Prototype Builder

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Joined: 07/24/2010

Hi. I'm an unpublished board game developer, illustrator, and desktop publisher, with one game under contract with Minion. I've been making games for several years now, focusing on one at a time. I spend two to four years of focus on each one, occasionally picking up where I left off with a previous design.

I'm part of an art and technology collective named i3Detroit in Ferndale, Michigan, just north of Detroit, Michigan. There I manufacture board game prototypes with a laser cutter and a sheet styrene vacuum former. As a professional software developer working in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I'm very interested in creating web-playable versions of my games, and writing software simulations in which A.I. players can uncover problems with my game rules.

I usually keep a game un-illustrated until a year or two into the playtesting process, and then I illustrate it rather lavishly. I'm good at crafting every aspect of the player's experience, including art, which I care about very much. I spent ten years as a graphic designer working in desktop publishing and print production, so I understand how to lay out everything from a rulebook to a box design, and prepare it for print specifications.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to participating here!

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