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Glad to be Here

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Joined: 07/12/2012

Hello everyone! I'm grateful to have found such an active community.

I'm working on my first game now, a card-based endurance racing game with a bit of a press-your-luck element. Think Mille Borne meets Formula De but with a non-automotive theme.

Although this is my first (mostly) completed game design, I've been a Eurogamer for 15+ years starting with a German copy of Settlers of Catan a friend imported. I spend some time on BGG, but I'm more of a lurker there. After four years I've addicted my wife into the hobby and we usually go to one or two regional gaming conventions per year--typically MACE in Charlotte, NC and Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA. I hope to make GenCon, Essen, or BGGCon someday.

I look forward to learning more about design and sharing my creations with the forum.

Greenville, SC

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