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Greeting from across the globe.

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Hello everyone, my name is Wam Sangrattanamanee from Bangkok, Thailand.

I'm a game designer for PC and mobile game by day - and 'trying to be' a board game designer by night.
Though I never realise that I can live by game making career until I go back to study for my master degree, but game & toys design is always my itch since I was a kid. Since I was an only child and live quite far from all of my friends, I usually spent my time alone reading, playing games, and making games. I made paper toys and made board rpg game from lego blocks, clay, or whatever I could find back then. The hard part was to find someone to play with, lol. But it still is.

I bring with me the game called "Vessel Wars" which is a 2 players battle game in the same vein of the classic game of battleship combine with card game mechanic to offer deeper strategy and variety of play. Its current state is in prototype and playtesting to reach alpha step.

I'm really glad to find BGDF since there are very few board game community in my country and board game designer community is not exist. On the bright side, board game just start getting more popularity but quit slowly here. I wish that I could learn and share here and realise my dream of getting my game published.

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