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Joined: 05/21/2012

Hello Everyone Here!

I am a long time game player, though only recently involved [the last six years or so] in serious board game playing. I lean mostly toward the European styles games and almost anything by Fantasy Flight.

My brother, Dad and I are working on a game that was inspired by a sci-fi series that we all enjoy.

I am here though because I am embarking on my own project. During a lull in activity at the workplace, I had ideas for games rattling around in my head. The idea that came out and is being developed is interesting and has me cackling maniacally.

The concept is simple: You and the other players are workers at a major corporation. You are trying to balance getting work accomplished with slacking off as much as possible. You can play cards to help yourself, or you can choose to send opponents to pointless meetings, wasting their precious time.

It is still in its nascent stages and in need of some card development and balancing. I have ideas for cards and how they will be used and even a mechanic. Thoughts or ideas would be awesome!


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