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Greetings from David in LA

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Joined: 11/24/2012

Hello everyone! A real pleasure finding this wiki; I've only toured through it a short time and it has already helped me a lot. Yes, I'm an amateur board game designer and yes, I have what I think is an original and innovative design for a game that I am keeping tucked greedily out of sight. Just until after Xmas; once the original is safely bestowed on our grand kids and I have copyrighted the design, I'll proudly share it with this forum. I'll be curious to see if anyone has seen anything like it.

As a long time Photoshop artist and illustrator, I've had fun creating all the graphics for the game on a first-gen iPad. Admittedly, it is a slower way to work compared to paper, but the touchscreen is addictive and I love having all my projects instantly available. As soon as I figure out posting to your image galleries, I'll share the game art with you.

Oh yes, profession...I used to be a digital artist and have completed grad school to be a librarian, but I continue to slave away (12-16 hours a day) as a Los Angeles chauffeur. Limo driver to da stars.

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