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Greetings from Oz

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Greetings everyone. I actually wrote this on the sticky thread but wasn't sure if I wasn't supposed to start a new one

I'm Sean. I'm in Queensland, Australia. I'm 47 so I don't have the time or funds to play like I used to. Games I've loved would include RPG's, tabletop board games like Talisman and Space Hulk, Chaos Marauders and Illuminati and in the nineties I got into Magic: The Gathering in a big way.

I'm also a professional tarot reader and musician - website at - and yes, I am working on a game I'll be promoting from that site too when it's ready.

What I'm working on is based around Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators as seen in so many reality TV shows these days - assemble your team and get fame and fortune. I plan it to have a lot of humour in it because these shows make me giggle.

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