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I am meant to post something about me to show that I'm human and not a spambot or fiend from the pit of hell?

Well hello, I'm Midnight_Carnival, I've been called other (worse) things too.

I grew spending large portions of my childhood and adolescence without electricity - this is not too uncommon in my country - and had to design games to keep my many siblings occupied.

I've made some cardgames such as Bankokian Blackjack and Rape a Camel (I will not answer any questions on Rape a Camel) but at some point I decided to create my own tabletop RPG. I had no experience in this sort of game becasue the D&D kids I knew were scared of me and wouldn't play with me (something about them suspecting I'd take the game too seriously...?)

I made a game which was simple to play and could be played with minimum resources - you don't need to buy expensive models/books/card packs to play it, even if you can add these if you really want to.

The system was fairly simple, I stole (adapted) if from various game-books such as Fighting Fantasy and especially Blood Sword series. For this reason I have released various pdfs of the basic rulebook as public domain and refuse to have my game copyrighted, even though I did put a lot of work into it.
It can be played with that book, pencil and paper and at least 4 dice (maybe 3) + a pack of standard playing cards.
I want to give others the opportunity to earn money making their own very beautiful card sets and selling them, also (due to it's origin) the game system can easilly be adapted to work with many game-books, I was hoping people would write and publish adventures for my game but I made the game becasue I was bored and don't want to make money out of it. I also encourage modification and re-invention of my game (I'm only aware of 1 so far)

I also started writing it with my brother's help in Python, I did a ton of intentionally bad ("retro") pixel art for it although I'm far from finished. My brother was teaching me Python at the same time as Java, I think, and so some of my code got scrambled to hell. Also he got a job and got married and now has no time to continue teaching me Python.

Other than that I have several evil plots (other games) I'm working on and I will not hesitate to inflict them on you.

If I have time and energy I would love to see, playtest and review your games. Don't be afraid that I'll apropriate them, I created my game as a tribute to all the cRaPG books I've played in my time and although I'm against the notion of intellectual property, I do respect people's wishes not to have their work copied or misused.

Thank you for reading all of this, I hope you are fooled into thinking that I'm human and not a threat... rememver to enjoy the sauce.

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