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Hello all - New member here

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My name is Donnie and I am addicted to Board games. I have been making games better ever since I can remember. Starting way back before high school with the old SSI war games. A favorite was when my dad and I took the supply trucks from one of the games and added them to the others making supply chains mandatory for your tanks to move and fire, ect. 10 spaces max. A new strategy formed in the game to try to get the supply trucks. even more fun!!

I have created multiple sports games including baseball (by far the best), football, basketball, Car Racing, tennis, boxing, ect.

I also grew up like most gamers in their 40's playing D&D. I continued to tweek the rules over time and have started (with my son - gotta keep it going) to create my own RPG game with a completely new combat system getting away from the d20 system in favor of % dice.

As i said this is an obsession so i will try to give ideas and input where ever i can. Thank you so much for having this site!!


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