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Hello everyone!

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Joined: 02/15/2015

Just wanted to say a formal hello to everyone at this forum :)
My name is Marcus, I am 32 years old and live in Sweden.

I am one of those guys that dabbles in a little bit of everything. I like creating things and I like them to be interactive in different kind of ways. I have also been interested in games since a very young age. Tabletop, Boardgames, Miniature and digital ones. I am guessing those are the main reasons prompting me to find this website/forum.

It will be interesting to read about different game-ideas - how to go about creating rules, prototyping and creating something playable. I am currently writing my own ruleset for a cardbased miniature skirmish game. I am not aiming to create the next big thing, just an easy to learn and play kind of game that I want to bring with me to different gaming conventions and let visitors have a bit of fun with for a few hours. I will create a different post for that.

I hope this will do as an introduction and thank you for letting me join :)

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