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Hello everyone! Shattie from Hungary

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STE Dev Shattie
Joined: 12/08/2016

My name is Khoa, 18 years old high school student from Hungary. I’ve been playing with card/board games since I was a little kid. I like both casual and more complex/advanced board games (for example Power Grid). The same goes for card games, where I’ve enjoyed card games from the el classico Uno/Solo, to Dominion or Munchkin.

In later years, I’ve been studying programming and game engines such as Unity, Game Makes Studio or Unreal Engine. I only started working on bigger projects in 2016 (up until then I only worked on small tech demos and really small mini-games). I have many unfinished projects which i will revisit in the future. I have finished a couple of my projects which will be ready to publishing in the near future.

Currently I am offering digital prototyping service which is currently open for new projects. I will post all the details in another post later :)

Looking forward to working and having fun with you all :).

(Edit : information about the service has been posted in the prototyping section)

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