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Hello, I'm new, and here's a game which may be somewhat novel

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I signed up because I've got this game I've been kicking around for 30 years, since 1980 or so, and I thought you folks might appreciate it.

It's called "Dueling Masters of Space Time," and it's a 2 player turn based strategy and exploration game, kind of an amalgam of chess, battleship, and stratego, with a some unique features all it's own.

The movement and collision resolution are in particular rather novel, I think. At least, I'm not aware of any game that uses a similar scheme, but that doesn't mean one doesn't exist.

Anyway, here are the rules to the game, along with printable game board art and 3d-printable pieces (and also pieces which can be printed on a 2d printer and cut out and pasted onto nickels or the like):

Here is an stl file for 3d printable pieces on thingiverse:

And some laser cuttable pieces if laser cutting is more your style:

Curious to hear your thoughts about it, and feel free to print out a copy and play it.

-- steve

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