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Hello from Melbourne, Australia

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Joined: 06/01/2022

Hi, I'm Glen from Melbourne Australia. I joined BGDF to get my board game design ideas out there and to get feedback - all part of the cycle that cranks the design process along.
I have posted a simple game in the 'new game ideas' forum, called The Pits - a board game about gladiators. I also have a couple of other bigger ideas in the works: one about property speculation in a growing city and the other is a dungeon crawler, similar to Hero Quest but with a more involved combat and magic system. I'll post these in new game ideas when I have them playable but still raw.
I'm also interested in using 3D printers and laser cutter/engravers to prototype and even to produce small runs of a game. At least where I live there are several freely accessible maker-spaces that have this equipment and it seems to me to be a viable, economical and environmentally low impact option. Would like to chat more about this in prototyping!

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