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Hello from northern NY

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Unemployed Games
Joined: 03/03/2012

Hi everyone! My name is Michael Walters and I am the lead designer for Unemployed Games. We are trying to finish up our first game that we think is ready for public consumption and we have a few more in play testing right now. The one that is closest to being finished is called currently Collector and places you in the hunt for artifacts. The goal is to amass a better collection than your fellow collectors, but you have to watch out because with a play of a card your prized stone aged axe might become a fake. We are also working on a different twist in the pattern matching arena.

I hope to network here to share experiences and learn from others who walk this road. I love the process of creating and tweaking games, but I am very much naive as to bringing it to market. We are looking at possibly trying to work through Kickstarter to get Collector printed. Any help is appreciated, and I hope I can be a contributor and help others along their journey as well. Thanks for reading.

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