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Hello from Ocram!

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Hello fellow board game enthusiasts and designers,

I just found out about this site yesterday from Board Game Geeks. I am trying to learn more about designing board games and I would also like to have more feedback on my city-building and property developing board game which I call City Landlords. I have gone through about 5 revisions of my game, from being a slightly more complicated mash up of Monopoly classic and Monopoly City to being something mostly original with an addition of completely new mechanics to the genre. I want to make my game as fun as possible for me and my friends to play and still be fun enough for other enthusiasts to play as well. I also want to make sure that my game is original enough to have its own niche instead of just being a copy of Monopoly City. I have posted about my work-in-progress game on a couple of city builder fora, Reddit, and Board Game Geek and I have so far received very few responses from any individual source but I have listened to enough feedback across all the sites to have made some revisions based on that feedback. I hope this forum will be the best fit.

I have several hobbies but most of my free time not spent studying for my science and engineering college major or math minor is spent playing board games, playing video games (mostly sandbox, simulation, and strategy games such as SimCity and Civilization), reading (usually news relating to science, technology, or gaming, sometimes science fiction and fantasy) or cooking delicious meals for myself (I used to work as a prep cook but I have always loved cooking for myself and those near me). I also enjoy swimming, biking, and going for walks. I am graduating from community college in the Seattle area this week and will be moving to Eastern Washington to transfer to an instate university. In case you cannot tell, I am NOT very wealthy at all so I don't own a large collection of games, although I try to play new ones whenever I visit my friends who have games I haven't played (and most of my friends play table top games of some sort or another, some are avid players of several types of board and card games). I also enjoy watching other people play games I do not know how to play.

I started playing board games as a kid. I belonged to chess club throughout school though I only sporadically went to meetings at community college. My favorite tabletop games to play offline include Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, Scrabble, and Go (which is sort of like Othello or Chess) as well as trivia and opinion matching games (such as Apples to Apples). I play other games and I watch people play many other games but it would take a long time to list all the ones I have ever watched. I also play computer games and I have Tabletop Simulator.

I would like to start getting feedback by Tuesday or Wednesday but I don't have much free time until Monday afternoon except to study for my finals. Therefore, I will wait until then to start my thread. Thank you for reading this, have a good day.


Marco Meza (AKA Ocram AKA AzemOcram)

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