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Hello from Only Table top

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Only Table Top
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Joined: 08/01/2016
Tempus Nautica Splash

Hi guys thanks for confirming I'm not a robot and adding me to the site happy to be here!

My names Anthony, I run a small crew called Only Table Top (

It started out as a simple retailer for niche/indie/homebrew games but has quickly spiraled into a co-developer and producers of a niche/indie table top games subscription box;

( shameless plug, please suppport etc )

Anyways part of the boxes service is to supply in house developed games and I'm hoping to share those developments here, have your input and hopefully in put to you own developments.

Currently our primary developments are
Tempus Nautica - A space adventure game feauturing time manipulation and pillaging a dying world.
Zogorox - a classic strat featuring vast eldritch monsters
"Diesel Punk Mech Game" - a CCG built around equiping mechs and making boom happen to the other guy.

Oh yeah, we're from South Wales in the UK and a big ello to you all!

Happy Gaming

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