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Joined: 03/12/2014

My name is S.T. Gulik. I was introduced to advanced gaming about 5 years ago and have been dedicating about 14 hours a week to it ever since. Yedo, Euphoria, Kemet, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and Dominant Species are a few of my favorites. I hope to design something like those some day, but I'm keeping it simple at the moment.

I have two game in the works at the moment:
1 - Crap! - a dice building strategy/dexterity game that is easy to explain, but nuanced enough for vast game play. 2-8 players. It even has a gambling variant. This one is play tested and ready to go. I'm just trying to figure out the best way to publish.

2- "Bulimia Battle of the Bulge" is a thematic, humorous backstabbing game where each player is a pretty, messed up girl trying to become a real person by clawing her way to the top of the heap of super models. the trackers for health beauty and fame are affected by cards (event, food, and drug cards) as well as a few other things. I am looking for a partner with more experience who can help flesh out and balance the game and an artist who can make it look amazing. I'm thinking a sickly lowbrow cartoonish style of art would work best.

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