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Hi From Belgium! [Digital Board Game Designer]

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First, I'm so excited to join BGDF's forums! I'm huge fan of board games and CCGs, here's my TOP 3 favourites:
- Cosmic Encounter
- Caylus
- Puerto Rico

I'm an experienced designer with a background in the video games industry. I've been working on RUSE as a designer for 4 years, it's a RTS game published by UbiSoft in 2010. Right after RUSE's release I have decided to do my own stuff and create a game studio in Belgium with some friends.
We've been working for years on a digital board game mixed with CCG elements. The game has been announced two days ago on IGM:

We've scheduled a private playtest for the 14th September, read this post to know more:

I hope you can get to play in this session and share your impressions and input on the game, our goal is to make something that appeals the board game connoisseurs!

Sincerely yours,

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