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Hi everyone! :)

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Joined: 06/26/2012


I´m Brazilian, and just got here in the BGDF.

I have lots of interesting ideas for board games, but no idea of how making them work, or how to eventually publish them.

So far I´ve played only a few not-blockbuster board games.
Here in Brasil we usually keep playing games like:

"Imagem e Ação" - just as pictionary, as I was told.
"Banco Imobiliário" - Monopoly
"War" - Modified version of Risk(?)

I was astonished the first time I played the non-casual board games. Today I already own 2:
Starcraft - The Board Game & Last Night on Earth.

Starting to understand how far board games could go, and how much fun that could be, I started creating my very own board game ideas, and now here I am, hoping that someday I´ll be able to publish one of my creations.

I´m eager to help and get help from you guys.

See you in the forums :)

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