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Hi, i'm Gnarrkhaz

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Joined: 10/01/2013

What the topic title says. I don't have any considerable experience with game design besides understanding some core principles and house ruling rpg systems. I'd like to make this my new hobby though and have fun doing it. I like listening to gaming podcasts and the dice tower is my number one resource on YouTube for most stuff gaming related. That's how i got here in the first place...i think...actually i can't remember.

I got into gaming through video games in the late 90's but i've fallen out of love in the last couple of years. Board games fill the huge, gaping hole i guess. I won't stop playing rpg's anytime soon.

I have a couple of ideas for board games so i'm probably going to post some of them so you can tell me how unoriginal they actually are. :) I'll also give you my opinion (for what it's worth) on things.

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