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Introduction: Serge Dinatale - Plug for Game on Kickstarter

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Hi, I am a 49 year old aspiring game designer living in Melbourne, Australia. I discovered the joys of euro-games and other board games just over 10 years ago. Being an industrial designer, I couldn't stop myself from getting involved in game design and so have been tinkering with half a dozen ideas over the years. I enjoy everything about game design and would love to one day be involved in video game design as well.

I will be launching a kickstarter campaign that will run through February for my game called 'Planetary Reign' - a 4X space civilization board game based on classic video games of the 1980's and 90's. Attached is a document which outlines the design process I experienced...I hope you find it interesting. You can view the same design document but with images as well final artwork, prototypes and the rulebook on Boardgamegeek at:

Thanks and feel free to comment and ask any questions about the design of Planetary Reign.


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