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A long journey

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When I came up with the maxim, "The longest journey we have to make is the short distance from mind to mouth," I was remarking on the kindnesses and cruelties of Society as I had seen them: with and without Thought-- in five countries in which I have lived.

Visiting an in-law relative in Germany, I discovered his hobby was designing games. That was half a century ago. The compound of what was said struck a clear and vibrant note. I returned to Munich and designed a travel game. Nope-- that was not the clear and abstract, vibrant note. The second epiphany: "You drive the mind with relevant and appropriate thought, or, the mind drives you without."

Now, one of the healthiest, ongoing thought endeavors is designing a game reflective of a healthy society: one game for two, or for one, in where goals are the endgame and there is no draw. You see, Life itself is never a draw. Look in the mirror, there stands the finest opponent, because if he/she cheats, you will know it. Oh, I live in the desert and my road runner thinks I am the nest thing to creation. fj

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