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"Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you."

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Joined: 07/04/2016

Hey all! I'm new to game design, and newer still to this forum. A friend recommended this as a great place to discuss board game design, so here I am!

I've played a lot of board games and have found elements to enjoy in all of them. It's not completely surprising, then, that I find myself designing a board game now with so many sources of inspiration. Last winter while I was trudging through the snow, I spied an especially fat squirrel. "Great job, fella," I remember thinking. That squirrel wasn't just surviving winter, but thriving in it. This random encounter was the inspiration for the game I'm working on now, Hunker Chunky. It's a game about various woodland animals (Bear, Beaver, Deer, Fox, Rabbit, and Squirrel) gathering resources and preparing shelters before the arrival of winter.

I'm running into questions as I go, so will be posting every so often here. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute some helpful thoughts back as well. :)

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