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My introduction

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chromatic shift
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Hello fellow designers,

I want to post this as a little introduction and explanation how I got here.

I didn't really think game design was something for me for the last couple of years. I took it up last year by accident, because somehow I got hooked on the way games were brought to life and how mechanics interacted (in a way "504" by Friedeman Friese has opened up that world for me, because the interchangeability of the modules made me think how all those mechanism in other games came together).

From there on I followed the online course by Ian Schreiber (google "Game Design Concepts" if you're interested, it taught me a lot) and got in touch with designers in the neighborhood, for example Bruce Allen ("Tobago"), which really helped me getting a foot into the door of game design and started working on ideas I have.

Although some friends have suggested I should try pitching my prototypes to publishers, I am in it for the fun of creating something and exchanging ideas and refining them in the process. Additionally, I have learned a ton of things about so many different topics (e.g. psychology, game theory, statistics etc.) that I really enjoy the journey itself more than the "ultimate dream" of creating the next bestseller.

In my day-to-day job I teach a couple of subjects in Germany to pre-college students and spend way more time playing games than I actually do develop them.

link to my latest work-in-progress:

Have a nice day!

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